Why Gen Z Is Choosing Charlotte for Post-Grad Plans


As the next generation ages out of schooling and into employment, researchers have noticed a mass migration to smaller cities with a higher quality of life. Charlotte, North Carolina, has long been a popular destination for young people, but as their job market improves, it has become the post-grad post-up for young graduates. 

Read more to learn why this city has become such a hotspot for the rising generation of young workers.

Low Cost of Living

With an emerging community like Charlotte, NC, the cost of living has been one of the most appealing elements to draw non-locals to the area. While the average household spending is slightly below that of other cities, the quality of life in the area is remarkably high. Jobs also tend to pay higher, with highly-skilled positions in healthcare and software development.

According to this moving company Rockville MD, the number of Gen Z traveling from the Northeast to Charlotte has increased significantly over the last few years. It just goes to show that young people aren’t just considering a move to an area with a lower cost of living; they’re making plans and moving. 

Opportunities For Jobs & Career Growth

In 2018, Charlotte was named by Forbes in their list of the best cities for jobs. The healthcare field is bustling in this city, meaning that high-paying job opportunities always need to be filled. 

However, other high-paying industries have also made a home in this area and are always looking for employees, including:

  • Information Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Sales or Marketing for Business
  • Computer Science/Software Development

These industries are popular among millennials and Generation Z, making this city an ideal location for a career. Highly-skilled employees coming straight from university have their finger on the pulse of their industry and can provide the newest insights that they learned in their studies.

Popular Sports & Entertainment Hub

The Charlotte community is buzzing with sports, entertainment, and other neighborhood or city-wide activities. Housed in the bustling hub of Charlotte, North Carolina, are teams like the Carolina Panthers, the Charlotte Hornets, and more. Watch football, basketball, baseball, or hockey, and even NASCAR hosts large events in the area. 

If you’re not a sports fan, stop by the Charlotte Ballet or even The Comedy Zone for some entertainment. Theater, dance, music, and comedy are always playing somewhere in the city. 

Not to mention the eclectic bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and nightlife packed in downtown, all of which are appealing to Gen Z.

Easy Public Transportation

Some cities are only fully navigable by car. This means you’re either dealing with exorbitant rideshare prices or having to purchase and maintain a vehicle. 

So, young people are flocking to Charlotte for the ease of public transportation available around the city. The transit in the area goes by the name CATS or Charlotte Area Transit System. It has both bus and rail options so that commuters and residents can find the best route for their needs. You can even find schedules for all city transit vehicles so that you can plan your route early and won’t be left waiting in the cold.

The Bottom Line

Charlotte has become one of the most appealing locations for young people to settle down after graduating college, and for good reason. Its job growth opportunities, entertainment options, impressive job market, cost of living, and easy public transportation are all enticing qualities over other congested and expensive cities. 

Use this guide to find out if the many benefits of living in this North Carolinian city are right for your lifestyle.