Why does a business need a copywriter?


Every day gigabytes of information are published and transmitted around the world. The most common way to visualize information is through texts (at least for now). A 2019 study found that the most acceptable way for people to communicate with businesses is through texting. And this trend will only intensify as millennials, who make texting an absolute, become more and more mature and become the primary target audience for more and more companies. Because of this, copywriters are important players in the modern market.

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But In most cases, businesses need high-quality texts not only for communication purposes. They also use it for effective advertising of services/goods, for SEO-optimization of the site, and so on. Therefore texts are influencing a lot of processes.

Obviously, texts are not important to the seller in the marketplace. But once you want to scale your business, you can’t do without texts. You’ll have your own website and/or social media pages, which will need not just a text, but high-quality texts, sales texts, texts with keywords. One of the things to know before starting a business is at least a rough understanding of what will be the difference between you and your competitors. With that understanding and a good copywriter, your business is practically doomed to success.

A copywriter’s job is not just to write text without errors. 

The copywriter develops the concept of sales, and all the information they get turns into a profit. Each word in the text is written with meaning and for something. For example:

  • encourage the visitor to order a product;
  • tell potential partners about the benefits of cooperation with your company;
  • encourage the customer to call the contact phone number;
  • inspire and cause a desire to visit the blog again;
  • encourage to order services;
  • to remember the information they need.

From any factors that seem insignificant to the customer, the copywriter draws important information to solve complex business problems.

To sell a product or service, you need to have a clear idea of who you are selling to and what problem you are solving. That is why it is important that the copywriter knows how to research a topic, a target audience, a product that needs to be described, and many other things that may be necessary to know in order for the text to be not just a set of letters and words, but to fully perform its task: to sell the product, to inform the audience, to promote the site, etc.

A good copywriter is a person who tells clients why they need your company via different types of texts.

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What kind of copywriting services businesses may need

Before continuing, it is worth noting that it is almost impossible to find a copywriter all-in-one, who knows how to write all kinds of texts at a high level. In most cases, a specialist who is strong in custom writing will hardly help you write a speech for your board of directors or partners.

So if you’re planning to hire an in-house copywriter, you need to understand exactly what tasks you plan to set them. Because depending on this you will need a person with different experience.

Now back to what copywriters can help you with.

Selling SEO-texts.

The task of the copywriter is not only to harmoniously insert the key “buy an elephant New York”, but also to be able to turn an ordinary internet user into a website visitor and induce them to make a purchase or order services.

A competent copywriter can optimize the website in terms of SEO for key queries so that search engines after indexation increase the ranking of the website in SERP.

Text templates for calls.

To write an effective template for closing the deal on cold calls, the copywriter applies sales skills and the ability to level out possible objections in the text. As a consequence, the call of interest, sending an offer and selling a product or service. Almost the same applies to warm calls.

Texts for landing pages.

Texts for single pages are in high demand by copywriters. In the text for the landing, the copywriter applies psychological methods of persuasion, effective techniques to stimulate the purchase or order of services.

Corporate blogging.

The articles on the corporate blog are not written by a copywriter spontaneously. They all have a theme, a clear structure, and a goal. For example, to attract the maximum number of potential customers from the search traffic, to “accustom” the reader to regular reading of the blog. Such texts form the status of an expert, develop loyalty and stimulate repeat purchases.

To Summarise

This is not a complete list of tasks that an experienced copywriter can perform to the benefit of the business. Here we should once again emphasize that almost each of the above tasks requires people with special expertise. Therefore, it is necessary to be smart not only with the definition of tasks but also with the selection of a person/people to perform these tasks.