Why Charlotte is Overrun With Rats and What to Do if You Have Rodents?


Rats are by no means a new occurrence in the life of most city dwellers. And although they’re typically getting a bad name undeservedly, a rat infestation can be unpleasant, to say the least. You might be particularly at risk if you live in Charlotte.

The city has been struggling with a serious rat problem in recent months, driving residents quite simply out of their minds. The main reason for this is that rats multiply notoriously fast. And with progressively warmer winters from year to year, the rodents are getting more and more chances to have more babies. What Charlotte is experiencing right now is quite simply a rat “baby boom” generation. 

And while that might sound cute, it’s not, especially if you’re a Charlotte homeowner. Since rats are infamous carriers of threatening pathogens and diseases, not to mention skilled home-wreckers, you will want to get your rodent infestation under control ASAP either through DIY methods or contacting a professional rodent removal service like orlandorats.com.


  • First of all, is it rats?


A lot of people don’t know the difference and wonder just what kind of rodent has infiltrated their home. Sure, it could be mice, but it’s most likely rats. Rats are more aggressive and have an elongated form, not to mention they’re bigger in size, so that may be a good tell-tale sign that you’re dealing with a rat invasion here. 


  • So what can you do?


If you’re suspecting a rat infestation inside your home, you need to take immediate action. The more time you give them, the more time they have to multiply, and thus infest your home further. Also, each day spent in close proximity to a rat is a threat to you, your family, and your beloved pets. While it’s a misconception that rats attack for no reason, they will still lash out viciously at you or your dog if they feel cornered. They may also prey upon newborns and incapacitated elderly people, on occasion.

Your best DIY bet for getting rid of rats in the home is a live trap. As the name suggests, this device will capture the rat with the use of bait (such as peanut butter), but it won’t kill it, thus allowing you to relocate it to a place where it can’t bother you or anyone else.

Alternatively, if you suspect multiple rats or just don’t feel capable of dealing with it, we suggest calling in a professional that will do the job for you. This is often the best idea if you’ve got a rat nest or family living on your property, as they can get rid of all rat remnants as well as advise you on how to prevent this from happening in the future.

Lastly, we do not encourage traps that kill the rat unless in extreme cases – this is both inhumane and unnecessary, especially since a live trap works just as well and is less messy/unpleasant. 

Remember, you don’t want to risk your safety or that of your loved ones, so take measures today!