Why Are Online Casino Slots So Popular?


If you have been on the internet, ever, you would have definitely seen pop up ads promoting online casino slots. Over the years online casino gaming has become increasingly popular and turn this has had a positive effect on online slots. But what makes them more popular than video poker or roulette for that matter? What makes online slots stand apart from other casino games and why are players opting for online slots rather than land based casino gaming? Here is where you will find out all the answers to the above questions and better understand the dynamic nature of online slots and new online casinos


If there is one thing that makes online gambling so popular it’s the variety that is readily available. Land based casinos are limiting, they tend to get rather old for regular goers rather quickly and any new updates to systems or new additions to the lobby tend to take months. Online gaming and slot sites on the other hand, well this is something that is instantly accessible and slots gaming is widely known for the impressive variety under most online casinos gaming options. 


Because slots take longer to pay out big wins, depending on the volatility of the software developers creation, the coin sizes range from as little as 0.01 to anything above 100.00. This makes slots games far more affordable than casino table games as the stakes are set by the players partaking in the game. Slots are adjusted according to player’s pockets and payouts are paid out in accordance with the wager staked. 

Players are able to determine just how often a slots game pays out according to the return to player (RTP) percentage which is often displayed under reviews or casino gaming information. Low volatility slots pay out more frequently but smaller amounts while higher volatility slots payout higher cash prizes albeit less frequently. 

Progressive Jackpot Payouts 

Progressive jackpot games are amongst the most popular of casino gaming mostly due to their higher payouts and these are at times life-changing sums of money, even running into the millions. Progressive slots are considered to be high volatility slots and require more patience than your average slots games, but they are well worth the wait. 

Bonus Games / Additional Features 

An interesting feature of slots games is the incredible bonus rounds which ultimately function as new games within the game you are playing. Basically, bonus games are unlocked during gameplay and throughout the journey of the players, they are able to unlock these games and special features. 

Special features are another alluring factor in this form of casino gaming. These are symbols that help form winning combinations and combined they pay out generous amounts according to what the player has wagered. The bonus games and additional features can also be found under reviews and information which is easily found online, another reason for online slots games being popular amongst players. 

Some bonus symbols will include scattered wilds, sticky wilds, stacked wilds, multipliers and bonus symbols. Here is where you are bound to make your money. 


Mobile Slots Gaming 

Mobile slots can be accessed online from smartphones or smart devices web browsers. Naturally this is a massive attraction based on statistics which prove the biggest majority of internet users are mobile users. Through mobile slots gaming, there are all of the above perks plus more! Mobile users are instantly able to connect to their favourite online slots, add to their accounts and stand the chance of winning real money playing online slots. 

Free Online Slots 

Unlike land based casinos, online casinos allow users to play for real cash while the internet allows players the advantage of playing online slots for free, without even signing with an online casino. Nowhere else is this possible unless of course, you are on your mobile device. The internet is a great place but what makes it even greater is the advantage online users have to playing slots. 

As you can see from the most obvious factors in favour of online slots, the internet certainly has its advantages for casino players. Naturally, there are more advantages that players will discover along the way but this simply adds to the alluring nature of online slots gaming. 


The biggest reason for online slots popularity and the one that combines all the reasons mentioned above must be availability slot games on online casinos and online gambling platforms. No casino that wants to exist on the internet and have players come visit can do so without presenting on it’s main page a variety of at least a 100 slot games.

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