Why are bitcoin prices not rising as earlier?


Bitcoin has become a part of the news for everyone, as everyone nowadays is investing in cryptocurrencies. The prominent reason behind this fact is that this helps its users earn money very quickly. Because of this reason, people are fantasized about investing in cryptocurrencies. In addition, there are some other benefits offered by cryptocurrencies, like providing transaction security and transaction privacy to its users. And this is one of the biggest reasons which users are investing in cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency market is still booming. However, there are ample altcoins in the marketplace. Any cryptocurrency except bitcoin is known as altcoins. Altcoins have taken over the marketplace as the current governance of bitcoin in the marketplace is merely 48%. The market dominance of bitcoin in 2020 was 70%. The concept of stable coins is attracting more and more people towards itself.

Bitcoin is a unique concept that was introduced by a person who is named Satoshi Nakamoto. The identity of this person is anonymous, and no one knows even the actual name of this person. There are various reasons because of the anonymity of identity of this person. But today, here we will discuss some benefits offered by cryptocurrencies and the prices of bitcoin.

How to trade in bitcoin?

As we know, cryptocurrencies are getting famous day by day because of the benefits and profits offered by the Bitcoin platform to its users. When Bitcoin was just launched, the user invested in the cryptocurrency by using the official website. The prominent reason behind this fact is that the interface of the official website is straightforward to use, and because of this, all age groups were investing.

  • Nowadays, there are lots of trading applications that are used to invest in cryptocurrencies. Even the interface of these applications is also excellent and easy to use compared to the official website. 
  • All the things can be very easily managed on the trading applications nowadays. All the cryptocurrencies are present on a single trading application. And can be managed. All the functions like making transactions or investing in cryptocurrencies can be done on the trading applications.
  • Trading in a trading application is also straightforward. However, this application requires fundamental documents to sign, apply for a PAN card, and the average person’s bank account details. These details are necessary to prevent the users from the scam. 
  • Trading in Bitcoin is straightforward, and some basic principles before trading in Bitcoin. The basic principle is that if the price of the Bitcoin falls, he should buy the Bitcoin. But, conversely, if the bitcoin’s cost rises, he can sell the Bitcoin and earn money.

Why are bitcoin prices not rising at a high rate?

Trading in Bitcoin has become very easy for users. Even there are millions of users sitting across the world on this platform to earn money. Earlier in the year 2012, there was a consequent increase in the price of Bitcoin. Because many users were holding their money in Bitcoin, and because of these holdings, the cost of the Bitcoin automatically rises.

Whereas nowadays, many people are using the bitcoin exchange platform to earn profits by holding their money for less time. So because of this, the rise of funds takes place in very little time on the platform. It leads to the constant price of Bitcoin, which means the price of Bitcoin does not rise sufficiently. 

According to the statistics, the price of Bitcoin in 2012 was about 2.5 lacs, and now it is about 40 lacs; this is because the people have to hold their money for a long time. But this is not true nowadays as people are not saving their money.


Bitcoin is a great and unique platform that millions of users worldwide have adopted. Because of its benefits and because it has its users earn profits in significantly less time. However, when Satoshi Nakamoto launched the first-ever currency, no people had faith in cryptocurrencies. They thought that no such platform could help them earn money. 

But later, with time and digitalization, people became aware that this platform can help them earn money in a very private and secure manner, so many people are investing in it.