Who Finances a Sole Trader Business?


sole trader, also known as a sole proprietor, is someone who owns and runs a business on their own. Therefore, a sole trader’s entitled to all profits and losses the trading acquires. The owner may be alone in managing the company or have employees.

By simply owning a shop on social media, one can already earn the title of a sole trader. However, for formality’s sake, what are the requirements for this venture? These are crucial to know not just for the sole trader but also for their customers and suppliers.

The requirements to acquire a sole trader license differ from each state. The requirements can be found on a website provided in the US government’s Small Business Administration program.

Funding Sources of a Sole Trader

Any business needs capital to operate. But before starting the journey, where do sole traders get their funding?

Personal Savings

Most sole traders will use their hard-earned personal money or savings to finance their business. They think that this is the best option other than incurring debt. Even so, experts often recommend getting a loan. They claim that it’s better to take advantage of the time launching a business with the help of a loan while having savings as a back-up.

Angel Investors

They are also called angel funders, seed investors, or private investors. These people are often those who have a high net worth or simply want to help the sole trader. Angel investors provide the capital needed to start the business because they trust the abilities and support the sole trader.

Usually, these people are close to the proprietor, such as their friends or family. The advantage of borrowing from these people is that they may lend money at zero interest rate. On the other hand, being unable to pay the money immediately may cause bad blood between relatives and close friends.

Formal Lending Institutions

These are the banks, insurance companies, loan associations, and other companies that purposely lend money to people. These are formal institutions, meaning they charge interest and may even require collateral for the sole trader’s loans. A loan application from these institutions is still subject to approval depending on various factors and can take time.

There are also online loans such as that of Payday Depot that offer fast financial solutions. Payday Depot has already helped many Americans in managing their finances by connecting sole traders to a suitable lender with only one business day to process an application.

Fighting through the pandemic doesn’t mean that someone should withhold starting their own business. With the right planning and capital, you can achieve your dream business amidst the breakdown in people’s social life and economic disturbance.