Whitewater Center Building Massive 17,000 Sq Ft Ice Skating Rink With A “Skate-Up Bar”


This coming winter, the US National Whitewater Center will be building our region’s largest outdoor winter wonderland.

“Ice Skating and Lights” will be centered around a massive 17,000 square foot ice skating rink, complete with a “skate-up bar” where visitors can order hot chocolate, coffee, or beer.

The new project will also include a massive section called ‘Lights’, “a new half-mile walking trail in the woods that leads viewers through a series of immersive light installations featuring honeycombs, vines, crystals, and more,” said the Whitewater Center. “The works are site-specific to the Whitewater Center and are created by Charlotte artist Meredith Connelly”

Admission to the “Ice Skating and Lights” will start at $20 for a single activity pass with an anticipated opening date of mid-November.