Which Videos Can Be Monetized?


To get the income from some videos, you must get the rights for the commercial use of all the materials contained in them, both visual and sound, regardless of who owns them. For more details, visit this website. And now, we are going to explain the basics of monetization.

Basic Rules

It is much easier to earn from the video that you have developed by yourself and created from scratch. After you have done this, do the following:

  • Follow YouTube guidelines.
  • Check that all the elements are your intellectual property.
  • If you utilized some piece of music or other content, get the rights for its utilization.

Do not forget that advertisers prefer to place ads in content suitable for their display. Therefore, think about the topic beforehand.

If you did not develop the content or some part of it, it still can be monetized. But you must obtain the rights for this. Learn the basics of copyright to understand where to start.

You can get an income from some work of art if you have retained the rights for the presented content. Remember that if your film is under a label, the opportunity to earn from it is determined according to the contract and/or restrictions associated with it. It is worth consulting with a lawyer.

Tips and Advice

What should one remember to create a video that can be monetized? Only an author always possesses exclusive rights and can do with their piece of art everything they wish. When someone else wants to utilize it, they can ask for permission and then monetize their own content that was made with this piece.

It is important to be very careful with everything that you want to include:

  • You may utilize sound and image editing software if it is consistent with the spectrum, restricted access, and rights specified in the license. The samples can be also used in case they are allowed for this purpose.
  • You can get income from everything that is available for free or under a Creative Commons license.
  • There is a possibility that a copyright holder allows the use of their material in a film, provided that you have an agreement with them with some conditions. You can get income from such materials, but you must prove this fact and provide permission.
  • Only those materials for which copyright has expired, been lost, or ceased to be valid are available publicly.
  • If you perform someone else’s track in a movie, you can earn money on it if you have the author’s permission. You cannot get income from any recordings, such as videos, instrumental music, or karaoke songs.

Altogether, even if something is available for free on the Internet, the rights to use these materials, as a rule, still belong to their developers. If you want to get a legal income, it is possible only with the required permissions.

If you follow all the rules of the platform, you will be able to reach your goals without any problems.