Which Pin Nail Gun Should You Buy – Dewalt vs. Potter Cable?


Do you have a nail driving project? Then you’ll need the best and right pin nail gun for successful results. Thanks to innovation and continuous technology development, we can drive nails easily and faster. The traditional method of using a hammer drained most of our energy, was noisy, took more time, and could even end up with a few injured thumbs. But with pin nail guns, nail driving is now done quickly and in an efficient manner.

But different pin nail guns get designed for various projects. Capable of nailing many nails accurately and consistently with no effort, a pin nail gun is one of the best investments you get to make. Fortunately, the markets get flooded with reputable pin nail guns to choose from. But in this article, we shall discuss whether to pick a Dewalt or Potter Cable pin nail gun.

Both brands are reputable, as stated above. But you need to know what distinguishes each of them to know which to choose. Here are their distinctive features;

DeWalt Tool Features

DeWalt tools are renowned for their many amazing features made with the latest technologies. Such impressive features include;

  1. a)     Tool Connect

You get to track your DeWalt tool from any location with real-time updates with this feature. It comes with tools containing Bluetooth-enabled batteries and has become famous for many users.

  1. b) Blakeaway Blades

With this feature, users get able to break away a blade’s used section and insert a new component for durability and cutting efficiency.

  1. c) XR Line of 20V Max

It is a line of powerful DeWalt tools introduced in 2013. The devices use brushless motors and run with lithium-ion batteries of a maximum of 20V to ensure long runtimes, high efficiency, and longer battery life.

  1. d)     Flexvolt

It is a fantastic feature that allows the tool to change its voltage automatically when moved from one power level to another. The user gets assured of longer runtimes and increased power.

Porter-Cable Tool Features

Porter-Cable has been in the market for long and designs their tools to suit all their customers’ needs using the following various fantastic features;

  1. Pocket-Friendly Prices

What distinguishes Porter-Cable from Dewalt or other popular brands is their affordability despite their high quality.

  1. A System of 20 Volts Max

The tools run for longer times, and the batteries last long as they get made from lithium-ion with a maximum of 20 volts. You can also use this battery on other power tools.

  1. Ergonomic Design

Porter-Cable tools are famous for their comfort and efficiency. Also, they come as lightweight, making them ideal for any homeowner, DIYer, or hobbyist.

Warranty and Manufacturing Facilities

The manufacturing of both DeWalt and Porter-Cable Tools gets outsourced, with most assembling happening in China and Mexico. But some years back, DeWalt returned some of its assembling in the USA, creating many jobs for the Americans. For all handheld power tools, both brands offer a 3 – year warranty. Porter-Cable provides a 2 – year warranty for devices using the batteries.

Comparative Analysis

If you hold equal-sized DeWalt Pin Nail Gun on the one hand and that from Porter-Cable on the other hand, you will notice a significant weight difference. The Dewalt pin gun is heavier, meaning that it’s of high quality and lasts longer. On the other hand, a Porter-Cable pin nail gun is lighter and doesn’t last for long.

Tools from the Porter-Cable come with exact specs and metal bearings, but still gets made with inferior materials like high-grade plastics and nylons. DeWalt tools get made using high-grade metals, explaining their enduring capacity.

What to Choose Between a Dewalt vs. Porter Cable Pin Nail Gun?

If you want a pin nail gun to serve you for a long time and handle intense nail driving projects, you may need to go for a DeWalt pin nail gun because of its top-notch quality.

 But it would help if you got prepared to dig deeper into your pockets. If your need is a pin nail gun to help you around the house with your simple nail driving projects or just a tool to come in handy when needed, a Porter Cable nail gun will work out great.Read more details here: https://www.thesawlab.com/best-pin-nailer/


As illustrated above, both the Dewalt and Porter Cable Pin Nail Guns are essential in different aspects. It wouldn’t make sense to buy an expensive Dewalt pin nail gun for your once simple nail driving project. 

A cheaper Porter Cable pin nail would work out great. It would also be wise to buy a quality DeWalt pin nail gun for your massive and continuous nail project. You get free to buy any, depending on your nail driving project. If you have projects that suit both brands, it is okay to have them both. Choose both or either of them based on your budget and need.