Which lunch box keeps food cold the longest?


Packing a good lunch is very important for your overall wellbeing. It is even better when the lunch is of the healthy variety. Healthy foods which you should pack in your lunch box are; fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy products and good carbs.

We all know that eating healthy foods are better for us than junk but, making those healthy choice when you want to grab a quick lunch isn’t easy. This is why you need to have your lunch made and especially packed yourself, so you get to eat right when the hunger hits.

The kinds of foods which are best for you to eat, are healthy choices also include but not limited to;

Vegetables- carrot sticks, cucumber, vegetable salads.

Fruits- oranges, apples, cantaloupe, fruit salads which all your favourite foods mixed in a bowl.

Yogurt or other healthy diary products like milk- fruit yogurts are a great choice here. You can freeze it overnight, pack it in the morning and you are good all day.

Sandwiches- this is one of the best easy and quick to eat foods. This is so because you can eat it standing up, while at your desk or even on the move between meetings. The choice of what kind of sandwich to make depends on your taste. Just remember to make it as healthy as possible.

Breads, Dips- make some homemade dips with healthy ingredients which you can eat with some nice crackers or you can bake some whole wheat bread or almond bread, pita bread, bagels, muffins. They can serve as a quick healthy snack between meals or as lunch or breakfast.

Complete meals- if you don’t want to head to a restaurant for lunch, try and make your meal at home, say grilled chicken with some mashed potatoes and pack for your lunch.   

This is crucial because the time you have to eat during the day is limited. Depending on your work schedule, your lunch break might not be more than 30mins or in some instances it might be less. Even when you have enough time for lunch, you might have deadlines, ongoing project, a meeting which eats into your lunch hour, and not have the time to eat right then. This possibility further buttresses the need for a healthy lunch packed for you to eat. It should also be well preserved to enable it stay fresh the long hours that are in between the time you pack it and when you eat it.

The type of lunch box which you use also plays a major role in how long your food remains fresh. This is possible by how long the box can stay cool. So, the best lunch bags for women or men which will keep food cold the longest will be one that has the following features;

It is insulated or it has a freezer pack. What this does is to keep the lunch box temperature at a certain degree. If it’s a cold lunch box, it maintains that temperature, if it’s a hot lunch box, it also maintains that temperature. You can also add a frozen water bottle to keep the lunch box cool.

Make sure the food is well prepared before packing- no matter how good your lunch box is at keeping food cold, if the food is not prepared in the most hygienic way, it is bound to go bad in the box before you get a chance to eat it. 

Freeze the food first- this is a great hack. First prepare the food overnight, pack it in your freezer, then pack it into your lunch box the next morning. This way the food is already frozen, and your lunch box will keep it cold till you are ready to eat it.

Another important thing to consider is the style of your lunch bag. Yeah, there are some styles that might just be to masculine or feminine for your taste. The best ones are a simple, straightforward design which gives you enough space to pack your lunch, it is well insulated to keep your food fresh for long hours. Depending on the size you want, you can buy a large or medium size lunch bag. Most of these bags comes with a handle on the top plus a shoulder strap for carrying it. Most lunch bags come with an insulated bottom whose function is to keep your food warm or cold plus a compartment most likely with a zip to keep your utensils.

Some lunch bags even comes in tote form. Most women will find this attractive. Instead of a regular looking lunch bag, it looks like a stylish purse. Some materials used in making these lunch boxes are waterproof, so they can hold your napkins, swipes, phone, utensils etc. You can also pack an ice pack into your lunch bag as longer as the bag is designed to carry it.

It doesn’t matter if you are a kid or an adult, we all need lunch bags as most of us are in certain places during lunch hour. Lunch hour finds us in our offices, schools, businesses and the options for foods are severally limited in these places. If you do not pack a lunch, you might have to resign yourself to eating whatever is placed in front of you. The choice might not be as tasty or as healthy as what you are used to.

The perfect solution to this is packing your lunch from home, but in a lunch bag which will keep it free for you. You do not want to open your lunch bag and find your food has gone bad between leaving the house for work and lunch time. So, make sure you purchase a lunch bag that has enough insulation for keeping your food cold, has enough space to carry the size of container you want in addition to space for a bottle with which to carry the drink of your choice.