Where to Get CBD Products on the European Market?


In this article, well examine the European CBD market and where to get CBD products in it.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the compounds found in cannabis, in addition to which the plant contains many different cannabinoids. Many have heard of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has psychoactive properties. Unlike THC, cannabidiol does not create a psychotropic effect and does not cause disorders, it can only reduce the effect of toxic substances. The use of CBD in various product forms, especially in medicine, requires extensive research and discussion.

The fact that cannabidiol is devoid of psychotropic effects and does not cause intoxicating effects remains a fact. That is why many products contain this cannabinoid. Oil, edibles, capsules, and electronic liquids that contain CBD are among them. You can learn more about where to buy CBD products on Breezen.eu. Cannabidiol use can bring visible results in improving health. Because of this, CBD has received forms of products that can improve a person’s wellbeing in various fields of activity. It has soothing properties, reduces stress, improves immunity, is recommended for pain management, and cancer prevention (destroys cancer cells, prevents their reproduction, and counteracts attacks on healthy cells).

Despite all the positive properties of the substance, EU countries have different attitudes towards the use of cannabidiol. For this reason, the ways of obtaining these products vary from country to country.

For example, you can buy cannabis in a regular store in Belgium. Unlike in other countries, a patient who needs the healing properties of hemp does not need to have a socalledhemp card“, which is the basis for the legal receipt of this substance (as required in the Netherlands). This is because items containing cannabidiol can be purchased at pharmacies by prescription.

Germany, in turn, has only recently (approximately 20172018) certified a law on the use of cannabis products for medical purposes. Austria and Lithuania currently use cannabidiol for medical purposes. There you can buy these products at a regular pharmacy even without a doctor’s prescription.

In Poland, it is also possible to obtain cannabidiol products only after obtaining, in each case, a special authorization for five years from the Office of Medicines.

Due to the high popularity of marijuana among different age groups of Latvians, there is no full legalization of marijuana use, full or partial (for medical purposes). To obtain approval for the purchase of such a medication, the patient must obtain the socalledredprescriptions from the doctor.

In 2021, the Ukrainian government passed a resolution to remove several cannabinoids from the list of illegal drugs

Cannabidiolbased products such as CBD crystals, oil, bath salt, and other similar products are completely legal and allowed in the European Union.

You can find the most popular of these products on the Breezen website. Apart from that, CBD can be purchased at sports nutrition stores and cosmetic boutiques. There is a wide range of products and many ways to take CBD. Usually, it is added to your favorite moisturizer because CBD has antiinflammatory, regenerating, antibacterial effects, and brings visible effects in the form of skin improvement.

Some governments are concerned that cannabis will be available daily, as they all have faced the problem of drug addiction in their country. From time immemorial, everyone has known the healing properties of any medicine in small doses. The abuse of these drugs by people has led to a global catastrophe – the difficult and painful survival of people in severe pathological conditions. They are forced to endure unbearable pain, disorders of the central nervous system, and psychological disorders only because of the progressive effect of the dark side of drug use.