Where To Buy Halloween Prescription Lenses


Halloween Colored Contacts have been widely available online for quite some time but they originally emerged on the market as non-prescription lenses which left those who need to wear corrective contact lenses waiting on the sidelines. Now, brands are investing in creating Halloween Prescription Lenses as the demand continues to grow. 

This means that you can now shop for spooky Halloween contact lenses with prescription strengths. As with any type of colored contact lens, it is important to ensure you are buying from a reputable brand that offers safe FDA Approved colored contacts. 

Choosing Styles of Halloween Contacts

Let us introduce you to ColouredContacts.com. You will find a range of prescription colored contact lenses in plus and minus strengths as well as a small range of natural Toric lenses for astigmatism. The lenses are FDA Approved and designed for maximum comfort as well as fun color. So when it comes to getting your Halloween contacts you should find plenty of choices as many of the most popular Halloween lens styles are now available with prescription strengths.

Here’s a taster of some of the classic Halloween colored contacts you can expect to find:

  • White Out Prescription Colored Contacts: A plain white iris for a zombie stare.
  • Yellow Avatar Prescription Colored Contacts: Just like the Na’vi, these lenses have a yellow iris.
  • Red Vampire Prescription Colored Contacts: A classic red block iris for all kinds of blood-sucking vampires and monsters.
  • Red Crazy Clown Prescription Colored Contacts: A blend of yellow and red to create a creepy vein effect to the iris. Pair with popular culture characters and clown costumes.
  • Green Werewolf Prescription Colored Contacts: Dress as your animal alter-ego with detailed green wolf lenses.

With classic Halloween colors such as these, there are so many Halloween fancy dress costumes you could try. There are many more styles available whether you are looking for classic Halloween colors such as red, white, and orange or want to try something different in blue, yellow, or green.

The most recent addition to the Colored Contacts catalogue is UV Prescription Colored Contacts. As technology continues to develop, it is now possible to have corrective UV lenses that will glow under UV blacklight. 

If you want to completely transform the look of your eyes, then a pair of Cat Eye Prescription Contact Lenses will give you a vertical pupil as well as a vibrant eye color. This style can be paired with a range of costumes including cats, dragons, reptiles, and a range of popular culture characters.

One of the most unusual styles of Halloween Prescription Contact Lenses is Silver Mirror Lenses. These funky lenses give a silver metallic shimmer to the iris that can look ethereal or industrial, depending on the costume you pair with them.

If you are cosplaying for Halloween as your favorite movie character or celebrity you may want to simply match their natural eye color. There are plenty of options of natural prescription colored contacts for this and you may enjoy it so much that you make it a regular switch! Some of the natural lenses have very subtle colors making them perfect for everyday wear.

Choosing The Correct Prescription Contacts For You

When you are choosing your prescription Halloween colored contacts make sure to check the prescription strength matches your own and always double-check your cart to ensure you have added the right strength. It is important for the lenses to match your measurements, not only so you can see clearly but also so you can enjoy maximum comfort. Standard prescription lenses have three measurements; base curve, diameter and prescription strength. Make sure all three match the measurements from your latest contact lens fitting for your eye safety.

These soft Halloween prescription contact lenses are designed to be lightweight and breathable so you are unlikely to notice a difference compared to your usual daily lenses. With colored contacts, you may see a small amount of color in your peripheral vision, especially with costume styles as they cover your entire iris. 

Popular uses for the Halloween prescription contacts include:

  • Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes
  • Haunted House Scare Actors
  • Horror Movie Sets

At ColouredContacts.com, customer care is a top priority so you will find Care Guides with tutorials to help answer your FAQs on using prescription colored contacts.

The range of Halloween Prescription Lenses is ever-increasing but many of the most popular styles are already available in corrective strengths. The versatile designs mean that you will have no problem finding a colored contact lens that will complete your Halloween character costume.