Where can I shop for full spectrum CBD gummies?


If you haven’t already tried them, CBD gummies are much like their candy counterparts, whether that’s gummy bears, orange slices, or gumdrops. They are bite-sized, usually fruit flavored snacks, but these ones are infused with CBD oil derived from hemp. Full spectrum CBD gummies not only contain CBD, but also all the more than 100 different cannabinoids found in hemp, including THC. 

Don’t let the THC content fool you. Yes, THC is the active ingredient in marijuana, the ingredient that gives you that “high” sensation. But in full spectrum CBD, the THC content is typically very small, by law. It’s certainly not enough to get you high like marijuana can. THC contributes to the “chill” feeling that you get from CBD products– a feeling of relaxation or calm.

If you haven’t already tried them, you may be wondering: “Where can I shop for full spectrum CBD gummies?” You should also ask: “where’s the safest place to shop for CBD gummies?” If you’re wondering where to buy full spectrum CBD gummies, we’re here to help.

Truck stops, gas stations, and convenience stores

The most convenient place to shop for CBD gummies may very well be just down the street. Many truck stops, gas stations, and convenience stores now carry CBD products alongside supplements focused on things like sleep, staying awake, and sex. Those places may be convenient and often cheap, but they absolutely have drawbacks. First of all, chances are that the people who work at the store or station are not well-versed in CBD, its benefits, or the different kinds of CBD products that are available. We highly recommend that you do research into the brands before you make your decision. 

The practice of “mis-labeling” CBD is a problem in the industry with some studies showing that nearly 70 percent of CBD is mislabeled. One can only assume that some truck stops, gas stations, and convenience stores managers might not be as astute to this problem as they should be. Again, this is another good example of why you should do your research. Reputable brands post their test results right on their websites.

Finally, CBD is very light sensitive; strong lighting can degrade the content, which is why reputable CBD is offered in amber-colored jars or bottles. The fluorescent lights in many of these stores could be damaging the CBD gummies and other products.

Health food stores

Typically, health food stores have staff that are knowledgeable about the products they offer. So, you’re more likely to find a staff member who can answer at least some questions about CBD. Still, they have an overwhelming amount of products to know and  be able to talk intelligently about, so unless they are CBD aficionados themselves, their knowledge may be limited to the basics.The staff deal with similar products every day, so they are likely to know how to properly display and store CBD products. They will also know how to read labels.

At a health food store, you should be able to find more than one brand to compare and contrast. They may offer some brands’ entire product line. So you should have choices, which is good. 

CBD Stores

Here you will find a staff that is very knowledgeable about CBD, the products, their uses, and their benefits. Staff members here will be able to answer your questions– even complicated ones– and help you compare and contrast. They will be able to make recommendations according to your needs and your preferences. The staff should have access to lab reports for different products or be able to lead you to them.

Because the stores’ focus is on CBD, they will likely carry a wide variety of brands and you will have a lot of choices, not only in brand but in product. CBD gummies have been gaining in popularity, so many of the top brands now offer them.

At a CBD store, you should be able to trust that the management and staff know how to correctly store and display CBD products.


While convenient stores are convenient, there’s nothing really more convenient than being able to order up some full spectrum CBD gummies right from your couch. Online shopping is a boon for CBD brands, many of which have elaborate websites with an extensive educational mission. At these websites, you will be able to see lab reports before you order, read blog posts about your specific needs and how CBD can help you, and eventually make your purchase.

Online, you have the broadest number of choices and all of the information you could possibly need. But if you can’t find specific information, all you have to do is call a company’s customer service.

Online purchases are delivered safely and legally to your mailbox or door. You just need to get up off the couch to retrieve them.