When Should You Consider Duct Cleaning Toronto?


There is limited information about the advantages and potential problems of air duct cleaning Toronto. Because the conditions in every house are different, usually people tend to generalize on the benefits of air duct cleaning in Toronto. The inhabitants of your home are not suffering from respiratory ailments such as asthma, coughs, sneezing, and allergies, you don’t see the reason to think that the air ducts are polluted with dust and debris and therefore, you conclude that cleaning your ducts is not worth. 

However, on the other side of the coin, your family might be suffering from regular respiratory issues that in most cases, do not see the cause. If everyone is suffering from the same ailment or related respiratory ailments, that is enough proof that the problem is the condition of your environment. The quality of the air in your home might be poor because of contamination from dirty air ducts that have remained uncleaned for a long time. You should think about duct cleaning Toronto if:


  • There Is Significant Mold Growth on The Ducts, Metal Surfaces, and Other Heating and Cooling Appliances.


To be able to detect mold growth of heating and cooling systems, there are few things you should be aware of.

The first one is that some surfaces of the heating and cooling system may not or may be partially accessible for examination. So, ask your duct cleaning expert to show you such areas and if there is any mold that exists there. 

Secondly, it is worth noting that many substances may look like mold, so to know whether it is mold or not, you need an expert to determine that by carrying out lab analysis. For just $50, some microbiology labs would be able to analyse your sample and give you the results.

If your ducts are insulated and you notice moisture on them, and you cannot clean all the mold, you should consider removing them and replacing them with new ones.

Note that, if the conditions leading to mold are not taken care of, the mold will resurface even after the duct cleaning.


  • Ducts Are Invested by Vermin.


If you don’t carry out duct cleaning Toronto for a long time, your ducts might become home for vermin such as insects and rodents. These uninvited friends are disgusting as some produce some disturbing sounds at night. Besides, their waste may cause bad odour and make your home unlivable. If they continue living there for a long time, they might invite other dangerous reptiles such as snakes which come looking for prey.


  • Your Ducts Are Clogged.


If you don’t do duct cleaning, debris, animals’ dander and dust accumulate inside the duct surface and make the ducts ineffective.


  • Suggestions When Hiring Duct Cleaning Toronto Service Provider.


  • Avoid duct cleaners who emphasize so much about health advantages of duct cleaning- such claims have not basis. If the cleaner emphasizes that you should clean your ducts regularly to make your HVAC system effective, run away. Such cleaners are only trying to entice.
  • If you hire a duct cleaner, do not let him use chemical biocides unless you are familiar with those chemicals and you know their pros and cons. The results of such chemicals might be detrimental especially if it gets into the indoor air. There are many unresolved issues concerning duct cleaners who use chemical treatments for cleaning other people’s homes and cause health issues to family members later.
  • After cleaning, make sure you and the duct cleaner you hired together inspect the heating and cooling system to make sure everything is alright after the cleaning of the ducts.
  • It is essential to interview the companies you are considering to hire for your duct cleaning. You want to know whether the companies are;
  • Experienced in cleaning the ducts and have handled the same work like yours in the past.
  • Whether they use methods that ensure the health of the family members, your pets are maintained, and your property is not contaminated during the process. 
  • Make sure that the firm is licensed by the local authority to do what it claims to do.
  • You also want to know about the customer reviews and testimonials from past clients.