What’s The Best Way To Sell Notion Templates?


Notion templates help businesses to showcase their workflow when searching for ways to reach their customers or potential customers. The notion platform enables users to create finance, management, and productivity templates for organizational efficiency. Given the internet’s accessibility to most people, using a notion template will help you get new customers, learn new ideas, and increase your revenues in the process.

The market for notion templates sale is growing, offering an opportunity to monetize your template creation skills and expertise. You will need to set up an online marketplace and utilize different platforms to sell your templates. Depending on your customer flow, you can do this as a side hustle or a main job.

Read on to learn how to sell notion templates.

Create A Notion Website

The first step in how to sell notion templates is to have a name online. Start creating a website to make your voice audible to your target clients.

Join A Digital Marketplace

The success of your notion template sale will depend on your access to a marketplace or community. Joining a notion community and sharing your templates for free or engaging the community through email lists and blogs is a good way to start. Ideally, what works for one seller is unique to another, and you should explore the above options to find out what’s best for you.

Link Your Products To The Notion

With your website ready, you can add your products to sell through notion. Within the website, also add your payment processors. The options for your payment processors include Paypal, Flurly, and Gumroad, among others. The idea is to get the highest profit from every transaction while offering quality products.

Share Your Products

Access to your website is the best part of selling. Therefore, share your products or websites on your social media platforms. Ideally, all users are potential customers, and you should diligently build your products and website. Here are ways you can use to share your products.

  • Provide Free Samples

Providing free samples helps identify the gaps when creating the templates. You can give your friends or family the free samples to use for weeks or months, after which they can review them. You can then use the reviews for advertising your notion templates to potential customers.

  • Select Suitable Prices

When considering how to sell notion templates, you should select prices that reflect your work in the project. A digital calculator can be useful in price selection.

  • Publish Your Notion Templates

Once you set your prices, publish your notion templates for client access. Use the digital marketplace platforms to host your products once you set up payment options.

Collect Feedback From Customers

How you sell notion templates is dependent on user reviews and feedback. Therefore, when you give free samples or publish your templates, check your customers’ negative and positive feedback. You can also give questions to customers using your notion templates. Improve on the recommended areas or maintain the formula depending on the customer’s opinion.

Learn How To Sell Notion Templates With These Simple Steps

Like any other business, focusing on other products other than the main product will help increase your sales. With a good plan, selling notion templates is a lucrative business. You can earn thousands of dollars from these sales. Follow the tips listed above and increase your revenue streams by monetizing your notion templates.