What To See And Do When Traveling To Charlotte With Kids

Well known for their family-friendly reputation, Charlotte is the ideal place to travel with kids in tow. There are numerous parks, museums, aquariums, and many other areas where you will find plenty to do if you happen to take your entire family with you. There are even things to do for your toddler, so no age group is overlooked. 1. Discovery Place – an interactive museum If you are interested in a type of activity that also promotes learning, there is no easier choice than this. Discovery Place is a museum oriented toward science and tech, and one of the greatest things about it is that its interactivity. The hands-on exhibits and many live shows will make everyone’s day, not only the children’s. 2. Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden – a heaven for orchids There are plenty of botanical gardens to choose from, but there is one that seems to be ideal when compared to others if it’s fun for the entire family you’re seeking. The Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden stretches over 380 acres of land, and it offers fantastic opportunities for explorations. Your kids will love it, and, in your peregrinations, don’t forget to visit the orchid observatory, which has hundreds of flowers for visitors to admire. 3. Carolina Raptor Center – meeting wild animals Kids are usually fascinated with wild animals, and the Carolina Raptor Center is one of the best places where they can get acquainted with various birds of prey. Injured raptors, as well as orphan birds, are housed here, and kids can learn about them firsthand. 4. Funtasticks Charlotte – for fun at the maximum No matter how fun learning about plants, birds, or tech may be, your kids need some time to play. If that’s what you have in mind, Funtasticks Charlotte is the place to go. Featuring a plethora of games for them to choose from, this place has everything, from a kid’s point of view, including miniature golf, go-karts, and bumper boats, to name a few. 5. Carowinds – the scariest rollercoasters In case your kids are old enough for thrill rides, there is hardly a better option than Carowinds, where you will find a gigantic rollercoaster rightfully named Fury 325, as it features the highest drop in existence. Another option is the Carolina Goldrusher, a mine train model made with steel and wood that made its debut in 1973. 6. Splash parks – on hot summer days With so many parks featuring spray grounds, Charlotte residents can’t complain that they don’t have means to cool off in the summer. If you travel here during summer, don’t hesitate to let your kids have some fun by using these spray grounds that are very popular with tourists and locals alike on the hottest days. In case you’re looking for the most popular, the one at Veterans’ Park seems to be the number one choice. 7. ImaginOn – for active learning In case your kids want to read a good book, the public library system in Charlotte is a great place to start since it’s completely free. ImagiOn is considered across the US to be the best library for kids and teenagers, so that could be your destination of choice. With two theaters on site, ImaginOn offers other types of entertainment, too. 8. 7th Street Public Market – for delicious foods While in Charlotte, don’t forget that here is where you can indulge in some delicious meals with your kids. The 7th Street Public Market is ideal for families, as you can have here some great pizza, or get some locally famous grilled cheese sandwiches. Pancakes and coffee are on the menu, too.