What to Know About Bat Trapping


If you have bats in your house or garage, you are likely trying to figure out how you can remove these animals as quickly as possible. Since bats spread many different dangerous diseases and cause damage, removing bats quickly is very important. While bat removal might sound simple, there is a lot you need to be aware of. Continue reading to find out what you need to know about bat trapping.

Problems Bats Cause

Bats often get a bad reputation because of their appearance and habits that tend to frighten people. In addition to this, bats can spread very dangerous illnesses that can kill humans. Some of the most deadly diseases that bats carry are rabies, Ebola, Marburg, and a variety of coronaviruses. While finding bats carrying most of these diseases might not happen very often, there are still many dozens of other bacterial and viral infections bats are hosts to. These diseases are commonly spread through bat feces, bat urine, and by being bitten or scratched by a bat. Visit batremoval.org to learn more about the diseases bats can carry and how they can spread them to humans.

In addition to the diseases bats carry, they also cause serious damage to homes. Bats are able to squeeze their way into the tiniest openings, allowing them virtually unlimited access to all parts of your home once they find a way in. Bats are most at home in the attic, where they will leave their droppings all over your insulation, staining it and causing terrible odors. Between the health issues and the property damage, bats should be removed as soon as possible.

Helpful Bats

While many people all around the world may hate bats, they are a very beneficial creature to humans and the ecosystem they live in. Bats consume tons of insects every night, and these insects are usually moths, mosquitoes, and other insects that cause problems for humans. Having a healthy bat population around your property will greatly enhance your time outside, as you will experience far fewer mosquitoes. This part of the bat’s biology plays a big role in why there are some special things to know about bat trapping. Since bats are beneficial to keep alive, it is important to not stress the animals while removing them. 

DIY Bat Removal

As previously mentioned, it is important to keep bats relatively stress-free when you are removing them. Even slight stressors can potentially kill a bat once it is released again. For this reason, the best way that homeowners can remove bats on their own is through the use of a one-way door. A one-way door is a device that allows bats to leave your attic or other area they are in, but will not let them get back in. This is the perfect way to humanely remove bats, as you will keep yourself safe from potentially being bitten as well. It is highly discouraged to actually attempt a removal by hand for people who are not professional wildlife removal specialists.

Professional Help

In many cases, attempting bat removal on your own is illegal in some jurisdictions. One of the best ways to have bats legally removed from your home is to hire a professional wildlife removal company, such as Nuisance Wildlife Rangers. These experts have the experience needed to humanely and safely remove bats from your property, while keeping you, your family, and the bats safe. In addition, most wildlife removal companies offer other services that will help take care of all of the problems the bats caused. Some common extra services are decontamination, animal damage repair, insulation replacement, and wildlife exclusion services.