What Technical Updates in the Gaming Industry Are Coming in 2022?


Gaming industry growth is an obvious fact in the modern world, where every third plays video games on PC, smartphone, or tablet. The technologies used in gaming are constantly developing, presenting something new and more exciting to players. Today we are going to consider the latest gaming news to get an idea of the trends, which we will observe in 2022.

Cryptocurrencies Integration

Modern gamers are concentrated on security and anonymity. That’s why those who play gamble games at diverse online gaming clubs are very concerned about the banking tools those platforms offer. One of the innovations for the comfort of gamers was cryptocurrencies integration.

More and more online casinos, which support them, keep appearing. The existing gambling houses also try to add such an option to the list of their payment methods. The majority of gaming venues support:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether.

The first crypto, which was integrated, was Bitcoin – the most popular and expensive token. Many players, who were interested in cryptocurrencies and managed to purchase BTC at the right time, were pleasantly surprised.

While casinos were adding more accessible currencies, people had enough time to understand the benefits of such coins. Players forgot about the obligatory provision of their sensitive information, including personal data and bank card details. As a result, the trust towards online gambling clubs grew significantly.

Today, there’re even casinos which offer anonymous registration when choosing BTC as a currency. Thus, a separate crypto wallet is automatically created together with the login information. As a result, it’s only required to replenish the anonymous wallet to enjoy your pastime at an online casino.

To sum it up, we can say that gaming platforms will obtain a chance to reach previously under-served markets.

Gambling Legalization

Every player is aware of the current situation with gambling in various world countries. However, casino gaming industry news is now quite positive. There’re a few countries that have legalized gambling by now. Look at several examples:

  • The UK (if a gaming venue managed to get a UKGC license, it has the right for the activity on the territory of the country)
  • The Netherlands (the online gambling activity isn’t prohibited, but it’s not regulated by the state at all)
  • Serbia (for the establishment of an online casino, an operating allowance is required)
  • Sweden (there’s one monopolist operator with the right to provide online bingo and poker)
  • Monaco (only land-based operators are allowed).

You see that situations are different depending on the country. In general, due to the fact that gambling is in most cases prohibited in most well-developed countries, the gambling market is considered underground. In 2022, many governments promise to reconsider their attitude and become more lenient towards gambling. Thus, we can wait for online gambling to be allowed in more states.

There’re countries which, on the contrary, decided to take measures to prevent access to online gambling platforms for kids. To achieve the goal, the UK government wants to create a special verification procedure to confirm the age of a user. 

The Peak of VR and AR

Virtual and augmented realities became so popular in recent years that the number of players in video games dramatically increased. With the development and wider distribution of diverse modern devices, which allow using AR and VR in different types of games, gamers can now break all the existing limits. Just consider the most popular innovations:

Technology Description
Samsung VR Gear It’s a headset to immerse into VR. It’s used as a controller together with the other device, which works as a display and processor. It was released in 2015.
Oculus Rift It’s a VR headset, which was released in 2016. A new set appeared in 2019. 
Google Cardboard It’s a VR platform with a cardboard viewer to put on a smartphone. The latest is used as a display. It was released in 2014 and stopped being sold in 2021.

Those technologies have been around for a while. And it’s just a matter of time when online gaming venues begin to offer such technologies on their platforms. It means that casino players will have a chance to enjoy an incomparable level of immersion they’ve never felt before. They will have a chance to forget about boring staring at the display of their device. With new technologies, the whole surrounding environment will be created for them with realistic movements and emotions, letting gamers find themselves in a real land-based casino.

Mobile Betting Evolution

It’s not a secret that mobile devices are very popular among modern people (and gamblers aren’t an exception). Many gambling platforms take care of their users and try to provide them with a comfortable experience from smartphones and tablets. Free slot machines online on SlotsUp also follow the trend.

In 2022, the number of mobile devices is forecasted to grow. Moreover, smartwatches and other tiny gadgets become more and more widespread. For this reason, gambling clubs have to deal with this issue. As experts say, options for smartwatch owners will become wider. Thus, they will get an opportunity to bet on:

Of course, small devices can’t provide the benefit of a large display, where amazing effects of modern games can be demonstrated. However, they have different advantages, granting comfort and high speed of usage. These are the main criteria for people who live in a fast rhythm of life.

The tendency to create mobile versions and apps for devices by online casinos will also stay. For players, it’s very important to be able to access their account and favorite games at a comfortable time.

Wait For a Better Internet Connection.

The world got used to the opportunity to access any Internet resources and platforms from mobile devices thanks to the development of 3G, 4G, and 5G technologies. For casino players, the connection should be better and more stable to let them a chance to:

  • Play their favorite pokies with wonderful animation (such as Buffalo King Megaways)
  • Take part in multiplayer 
  • Play live dealer games.

The application of 5G will provide users with an incomparable level of connection and a smooth experience in any game. This technology is much more advanced compared with 4G. With it, players will be able to forget about lags and slow loading. Besides, gamers will enjoy lower latency and speed up to 10 milliseconds.

A New Wave of Esports Betting

Video game industry statistics demonstrate that esports is a very popular activity. It attracts players of various ages who spend hours in front of their PCs and mobile devices every day to become the best players on a server.

The popularity of esports gave life to a new direction in betting. Nowadays, more and more users like watching esports events and making bets on a definite player or a team of players. The tendency will continue, which will lead to an increase in the audience and more video games to be added to the betting list of online platforms.

By now, the most popular games for betting are as follows:

  • League of Legends
  • DOTA 2
  • Counter-Strike
  • Fortnite, etc.

Wait For More Online Casinos.

Gambling platforms keep appearing. In 2022, their number will definitely increase. Moreover, more modern mobile-oriented venues, which are able to guarantee an excellent level of anonymity, will be created. Due to the increasing popularity of betting, new gaming clubs are likely to provide a wide range of options:

  • For betting (sports and esports)
  • For gambling (the collection of slots created by modern providers will be obligatory impressive with more interesting mechanics used)
  • For playing (traditional card and table games will also stay in place for those who prefer traditional ways of online entertainment).

Back to the Future

Online gaming industry news doesn’t stop speaking about players who are missing good old slots and other games, which were popular 10 or even more years ago. The current year is said to be marked with a nostalgic feeling. The representatives of the industry promise that many old games will come back with renovated graphics and effects.

The plot can also be modernized to make a product more relevant to the current evolution of society. Consider the most awaited remakes and reboots of 2022:

  • Uncharted 2
  • The Witcher 3
  • Gothic
  • System Shock Remake, etc.

There’re more other video games and casino games, which will be improved and re-launched for the audience. The majority of them will be accessible on different platforms, including Windows, PS, Xbox, and others.


Online gambling and video games are becoming more and more popular each year. Esports is likely to become the leading trend among both players and bettors. It will be easier to make bets via diverse devices and play from smartphones and other gadgets.

The fans of gaming will become the witnesses of the greatest evolution and meet a completely new way of playing. Follow the news to be the first to test all innovations and have an unforgettable experience.