What Makes Branded Giveaways Important


We live in a digital world. Meaning, online marketing happens to be the first thing marketers think about when attracting new businesses. However, with many marketers improving their marketing efforts online, promotional products and cheap giveaways are often neglected as a means to promote business. Unfortunately, companies that have abandoned these strategies are missing out.

The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) has revealed in a study that most people keep branded gifts for at least eight months before disposing of them. Meaning, advertising materials remain efficient in promoting your company even if it has been several months since you handed them out. Typically, the kind of product you promote will determine how long the branded giveaways will last. The study reports hats lasting for seven months, while umbrellas can last for 14 months.

What Are Branded Giveaways? 

Branded giveaways involve businesses giving out cute products that allow people to see your brand and remember you. For instance, if you hand out a promotional t-shirt with your brand logo and contact information on it, people who use it will be constantly reminded of your business, products, and services.

When you organize a branded giveaway, you should always consider the niche of your business and your target audience. For instance, if you are a tech company, items like a custom USB will prove to be a great giveaway option. On the other hand, companies in the lifestyle industry might want to hand out luxurious items like a branded designer vase.

The rule of thumb here is to keep your promotional product useful and subtle. It should be something your potential customer might use all the time without them feeling like you are wedging your business in their life.

Just like the commercials that frequently appear on television, and the ads that line the interstate, businesses are consistently working hard to get their name out there. So, whether you run a small or large business, promotional items containing your brand name and contact information are one way you can reach a vast audience in the competitive market.

When it comes to handing out promotional items, you can do so during events, conferences, trade shows, or expo booths. The opportunities are nearly endless on when and where you can hand out your promotional items.

Low-Cost Repeat Brand Marketing

Branded giveaways happen to be a low-cost repeat brand marketing option that will help you grow your customer base. Whenever your branded items are used, it crafts opportunities for more people to know about your company, thereby boosting your business exposure.

You essentially want to create a giveaway that is ideal for your target audience. So, make sure it is easy to enter as it will help grab the attention of new customers and thereby earn potentially forever customers.

Encourages Loyalty in Existing Customers

Branded giveaways are opportunities for you to invest in your customers. When you hand out a promotional item, you make your customers feel loved. This is partly what keeps them coming back to your business for more.

Regardless of whether you are a new company, a large entity, or a small business, the brand benefits of promotional giveaways go much beyond traditional advertising. First, it encourages customer loyalty, which is priceless for any business. Customers who carry your promotional items will gladly share further details about your business when asked about their shirt logo, favorite pen, etc.

Builds Strong Social Brand Impression

You are essentially paying per impression when you spend on newspaper advertisements, commercials, and magazines. Though these result in sales, the conversion rates tend to be relatively low. More importantly, they don’t create a lasting impression.

Low-cost promotional items like pens, tumblers, mugs, and more create impressions when they are handed out. They also stick around with the customers longer than any other form of advertisement. Furthermore, staff showing off branded items at workplaces can also signal their loyalty to the company, foster teamwork, and improve brand marketing beyond expressing loyalty to your customers.

Start Handing Out Promotional Products

Generally, a few branded giveaways items will deliver better results than other simple promotional products. However, you don’t have to spend chunks of money to get returns. Several promotional products like pens, keychains, magnets, etc., remain staples in a person’s life, thereby leaving an impression on users. 

Additionally, there is great value in the sentiment behind the offer — giving away something for free can go a long way with your customers, especially if it costs you just pennies.