What Is Training Needs Assessment And Why is it important?


What is the most essential component for a successful organization? Without a doubt, it is a workforce of skilled employees. Every organization invests in learning and development programs to enhance employee performance. If employee performance is up to the mark, it leads to greater profits. 

Providing training to the employees is like grooming them for future work. Organizations usually train their employees when there is a notable difference in the employee’s expected and current performance. Training Needs Assessment (TNA) is the best way to deal with the competency gaps. 

TNA involves identifying the present level of knowledge and skills of the employee and comparing it with the standard level of the organization and making a training program accordingly. A strong TNA is required to deduce the performance polarity of your organization. This can be achieved by considering the traditional TNA methods with modern digital software like WorkRamp LMS which aid in successful assessment. 

There are many reasons why your organization needs a training assessment. Just as your mobile app needs to be updated regularly for newer features and effective use, your employee’s skill and knowledge also need to be updated from time to time for their better performance.

There are 5 good reasons you should consider TNA in your company:

  • Ensuring training meets company needs  

Training the employees appropriately is very important. TNA will help in aligning the training objectives with the organizational goal and help to provide the right training which will not only help in the growth of employees but also help the company to reach its goals effectively.

  • Save money and time

Every organization has a fixed capital for L&D programs. If you know what kind of training is to be given and to whom beforehand, it saves a lot of time and money. Providing the employee with relevant training will help them to perform better. But all this needs a plan. TNA helps in planning and prioritizing the training efforts which ultimately saves time and money. 

  • Prepare the organization for future challenges

Making small changes in a business plan, from time to time, can help your company to stay updated in this competitive era. Through a proper and thorough TNA, a business can identify which department is lacking in progress and how they can buck up to achieve the standard level. By adopting the changes in strategies, your company can perform a lot better in future. 

  • Improve learning and retention 

Proper TNA will ensure proper training which not only increases the employee outcome but also helps them in their future career. For this, the training programs need to be engaging so that the employees take interest in training. This can be achieved by adopting new methods for training like e-learning platforms. By applying the concepts of training programs, employees can grow better and feel good about the job they are involved in. This can be good for your company’s employee retention rate. 

  • Greater ROI

Training an employee or an intern is an investment of time and money. Any organization will naturally expect a good return from that investment. A proper TNA keeps track of whether the employee performance is up to the standard of your organization. If not, what measures should your organization undertake to improve them? By gradually working on them the performance gaps will turn down which will ultimately lead to good ROI on training. 


Training Needs Assessment is necessary to develop a strong training program that will enhance the skills and capabilities of employees. This will not only ensure employee’s career advancement but also an enhancement in your company’s performance.