What Is Child Neglect? How To Refute Charges and Secure Your Family


Wrongful child neglect charges can rip a family apart and separate you from your beloved children. Any person can tip off Child Protection Services or law enforcement if they suspect that a parent or guardian willfully neglects their kids and does not care for their needs. The law requires that every tip is investigated in detail and that the necessary evidence is collected to protect the children. 

Any Person Can Tip Off Child Welfare Services

A simple mistake or a disgruntled spouse trying to get custody in a divorce battle could result in the kids entering the system and losing a loving parent. Often, parents struggling with financial or other unavoidable situations may not be able to provide for their kids. Also, a concerned teacher, neighbor, or relative might file a report with the authorities. If you ever face such a situation, your best chance at safeguarding your family is to get advice from an experienced lawyer for child neglect. They’ll guide you on the steps you can take to prove your innocence and gain custody. 

Social Workers Can Question Kids Without Informing Their Parents

Social workers investigating child neglect cases may choose to interview the child without informing the parents or having them present. If you’re arrested on these charges, know that the law entitles you to the same rights as any other defendant. You have the right to remain silent and request legal representation. Although you should cooperate with the authorities, it is essential that you don’t say anything that can be construed as evidence against you. Make sure you have a lawyer present before you speak to the officers handling your case.

Officers Are Trained To Identify Clues

Child Protection Services agents and law enforcement are trained to look for clues that may indicate child neglect. For this reason, you should be careful about any statement you make. At the same time, refrain from appearing aggressive, defensive, or uncooperative. Never volunteer any information that can be twisted to prove a case against you. Check with the lawyer before answering any questions. Also, remember to stay calm regardless of how scared you feel or the unfairness of the questions.

Trust In Your Attorney to Gather Evidence

If your child has been taken away by CPS agents, your lawyer will spring into action to identify alternative caregivers that you know and trust. Your attorney will take photographs and video footage of the potential caregiver’s home to prove that the child will be safe there. They’ll also help you acquire and fill the necessary forms to delegate custody to your chosen friend or relative. The child welfare agency will likely conduct the required background checks before handing over custody. 

Relying on an experienced lawyer is your best chance at protecting the children while you fight the charges against you in court. They’ll assist you with gathering information to support your case and reunite you with your children at the earliest possible time.