What does science say about medical marijuana?


For the past few years, the marijuana industry has been on a consistent rise, and is estimated that over $8 billion will be spent this year alone. So many people are spending their money on cannabis products and it is important to look at a few of the statistics behind how successful the cannabis industry has become. In Colorado, there are currently over 1 million pounds of cannabis flowers and trim that are used every year and the State’s tax revenue from cannabis sales is nearly $200 million with a total economic impact of more than $2 billion. These numbers may appear to be high but they continue to grow as legalization starts to spread across the country. Here are a few things you need to know about medical marijuana.

What is medical marijuana? 

Medical marijuana is marijuana that is used for medical purposes such as alleviating symptoms of pain or illness. The cannabis plant has 2 main active ingredients which are THC and CBD. THC is well known and this is the ingredient that is used recreationally and is responsible for the mind-altering high that consumers experience. CBD, on the other hand, is the second main active ingredient and unlike THC, it does not have any mind-altering effects but has been shown to effectively treat multiple medical conditions including pain, anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia. Medical marijuana has been legalized and you can purchase medical marijuana at many dispensaries or private dealers. However, be aware of your local state laws as some states similar to New Jersey require the ownership of a medical card. You can find online information on how to get a medical marijuana card in New Jersey or any other state. Cannabis products for consuming medical marijuana are now available in various places. You can buy them online on websites like https://dailyhighclub.com/, but whatever method you choose, it is extremely important to know your dosage. Dosage is measured according to the condition it is being used to treat and factors such as the person’s age, weight, and tolerance needs to be taken into consideration. Medical marijuana is natural, inexpensive, and effective. 

What are the benefits? 

Medical marijuana can be enjoyed by everyone, not just by people who suffer from different medical conditions. It is legal, safe to consume and there is no possibility of forming an addiction or any form of dependency. You can simply consume medical marijuana when you want to relax and elevate your mood and because It has zero psychoactive effects, you can consume it anywhere and anytime even in the morning before work. There is also sufficient research to support the use of medical marijuana on children demonstrating the faith that the medical industry has in this substance and how incredibly safe it is to consume as long as it is regulated and certified by a doctor. This substance even has medical benefits for pets. In fact, during a survey, 79% of vets claimed to use cannabis products to treat chronic pain in animals and have said that it is effective. Furthermore, 89% of dogs who were given medical CBD oil experienced fewer seizures.

What does medical marijuana treat?

Medical marijuana has been shown to treat the following conditions:

  • Pain relief: The cannabinoids in marijuana have been linked to providing relief from pain because of the chemical make-up of these cannabinoids.
  • Helps with weight loss: Marijuana helps your body regulate insulin and manage caloric intake which helps you lose weight.
  • Fights cancer: Marijuana, specifically the cannabinoids, are linked to fighting cancer which is considered one of the biggest medical benefits of the plant.
  • Regulate seizures: Research on CBD has shown that it helps control seizures.

Epidiolex is a brand of medication made from cannabidiol oil and is used to treat seizures. 


How to consume it?

Thanks to innovation, there are many ways that marijuana can be consumed including:

  • Inhalation: this involves consuming marijuana traditionally by smoking it or via a dry herb vaporizer which has become increasingly popular these days.
  • Edibles: this involves eating or drinking marijuana-infused products such as ice cream or tea and when consumed, the marijuana enters your system via your digestive system and liver which takes longer than most methods of consumption to experience effects however the effects last longer and are more potent.
  • Topicals: This involves the use of balms, lotions, creams, and oils that contain marijuana. Simply apply the topical on the affected area and you will experience benefits such as reduced pain, inflammation, and joint or muscle stiffness. 

These are just a few of the many methods of consumption. Inhalation is considered the unhealthiest method of consumption with edibles being one of the best.