What Can We Expect from a Digital Charlotte?


2020 has proven beyond all odds that the digital output can be beneficial for a state’s economy and GDP. Indeed, as the development of Digital Charlotte shows, North Carolina and Charlotte specifically are primed to boost their digital output and create parity between those using digital means. But there is still some way to go before that is fully actualized. So, what do digital businesses and digital forms of entertainment show about the future of a digital Charlotte?

Digital Businesses

The future of business is digital and we can see that clearly through the growing industries that operate in digital fields in Charlotte. Marketing, for example, has adapted well to what can be done online and through digital means. With focuses on search engine optimization, mobile app development, and social media marketing, digital marketing in Charlotte is helping the city make a name for itself in the field. With organizations ranging from Straight North, Flynaut LLC, Arcalea, and Knowmad Digital Marketing flying the flag for Charlotte.

Digital businesses in Charlotte also help other industries across the city and make chances for the local businesses in and around Charlotte. From restaurants to legal attorneys, photographers to dentists, adding a digital element to their businesses is helping previously traditional sectors attract new customers and increase their business offering. This could range from online ordering for restaurants and shops to online appointments with chiropractors and doctors.

By harnessing their digital credentials, analog businesses can find ways to enhance themselves. This would also boost the digital presence of the city.

Digital Entertainment

A push towards the digital future of Charlotte and NC will be dependent on how traditional entertainment options could be enhanced through digital means. Virtual NASCAR racing, for example, could be one option. May 2020 saw the virtual NASCAR rally at North Carolina’s North Wilkesboro Speedway track. The track was scanned in December 2019 so it could be used for iRacing.

The interest generated could lead to a proliferation of others interested in virtual NASCAR, which could remove barriers to the industry for those not yet into it.

Moreover, the online casino industry could also present opportunities for digital expansion throughout North Carolina. The status of legal online betting varies from state to state, with more states considering legislation to expand betting online. Indeed, North Carolina has no bill introduced currently, although the House lawmakers on the Judiciary Committee rejected one in 2019. The main option currently is the lottery or betting in physical locations, which evokes some of the tension of traditional betting on a different scale. The opportunities for those interested in sports betting in the state could be plentiful.

eSports is on the rise in Charlotte, which presents its promise for the digital output of the state. As the Charlotte eSports website shows, the community is growing and aims to provide those who want to engage with the industry an opportunity to do so. eSports is increasingly being seen in a more legitimate light, especially given how it has its own dedicated section on ESPN’s site. The commitment by Charlotte’s eSports industry could lead to star players representing the state in global championships and show that the city has the propensity to provide such talent.

Charlotte is well placed to boost its digital credentials. The businesses operating in the city and the wider metropolitan area show their adaptability in the digital sphere. Entertainment options are finding digital ways of offering previously analog services.

Ultimately, as digital is seen as the next big revolution across a variety of industries, Charlotte is prepared to take advantage of opportunities it may encounter.