What are the Top-Rated “Paint My Life” Companies?


The question might arise as to why in our modern times when there are so many digital ways to capture memories, people still are using “paint-my-life” companies to create custom portraits for themselves. The main reason why it is still popular is that an art portrait painting is much more than a digital image. An art portrait is also more than just a painted “photo-shop” picture.

With an art portrait painting, the artist not only depicts the physical likeness of the person or group of people but also captures the expression and emotions of the people.

In this article, we’ll advise you on how to find top-rated Paint My Life companies and provide you with more detail regarding one of the top companies. But first, we’ll discuss what could be on your personalized painting and then look at what a Paint My Life company should be able to offer you.

What can “Paint my Life” Painting Include?

Literally, anything, including all your favorite memories, can be converted into a Paint My Life portrait. If you can recall your feelings and circumstances of a special occasion and you have one or more photos of the occasion, a skilled artist will be able to create an original My Painted Life work of art. An exciting aspect is that you can add anything to the painting or combine different photos.

If, for instance, your favorite photo of you and your bride on your wedding day has been taken against a terrible background, the artist can use the photo and perhaps a photo with the flower arrangement on the day and create an original beautiful painting.

Your precious paintings for life can include portraits of yourself, your special friends and family members, and memorable moments such as your graduation day, to only name a few possibilities. The portraits can also include your pets as either the only subject of the painting or with you.

Find the Right Top-Rated Company

Many art studios and independent artists nowadays advertise online that they can produce My Painted Life portraits. Unfortunately, not all of them deliver top-quality work. We recommend you use an online company that uses skilled and qualified artists and guarantee quality by offering a reasonable return policy and a money-back option.  

If you search online for “Paint My Life Companies” or “Paint My Life Artist”, you will find lists of possible companies. To decide which company to use, look carefully at their website to see what they offer and what guarantees are given.

A top-rated Paint, My Life company should be able to assist you regarding the composition and other details of the painting and offer you certain services. The company’s artist must understand what the “feeling” is you want to convey with the portrait and, with that in mind, assist you in deciding on the composition of the painting. The company or artist should also advise you regarding the canvas that will be used.  

Usually, companies provide oil My Painted Life paintings, if you’re looking for different types of painting art, such as watercolor or pencil, a reputable company should be able to provide them in addition to oil, and if you have a particular style in mind, the company should assign an artist proficient in that specific style to create your painting.

What Top-Rated Paint My Life Companies Usually Offer and Guarantee

  • The gallery should offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Many companies offer their customers a 365-day money guarantee and a 365-day return policy if the artwork encounters “technical” problems like color changing.
  • The gallery should also be able to refer you to previous and current customers, which you can contact. 1st Art Gallery, HandmadePiece, and Paintyourlife, for instance, have thousands of happy customers.

A Reputable Company that is the Top-Rated Paint My Life Company

In principle, all three offer the service that we’ve discussed above and have hundreds of satisfied customers, but the first one that comes to mind is 1st Art Gallery.

1st Art Gallery

The first Paint My Life company I want to highlight is the 1st Art Gallery. This is an established and very reputable company producing My Painted Life work of art. For nearly 20 years already, 1st Art Gallery has been making it possible for people around the globe to acquire museum-quality Paint My Life portraits. It offers free worldwide shipping and has online customer service that is available 24/7.

1st Art Gallery believes that its artists offer more to clients than just the best quality. Its artists turn any photograph – or combination of photographs – into original My Life Paintings and succeed in conveying the “feeling” you require. You can also ask for a specific style in which the Paint My Life painting should be done. The Gallery offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your portrait painting. If you are satisfied, the Gallery provides a lifetime warranty.

Although all its artists are classically trained artists and exceptional artists in their own right, 1st Art Gallery’s prices for the works of art are often lower than most of its competitors. While 1st Art Gallery has several competitors, the online gallery has its very own approach to creating artwork by incorporating artists’ innate skills and the latest technological advancements. 


If you use a reputable Paint My Life company to create personalized portraits of your memorable times, beloved family, friends, and pets, you are preserving the memories for generations to come. The bottom line is that you have to use a top-rated company such as 1st Art Gallery.