What Are The Personal And Professional Traits Of A Great Real Estate Agent?


The real estate market is competitive and demanding, which is why only the best can become successful in this niche. Moreover, real estate agents (or brokers) seem to have it tougher than anyone else involved in buying and selling property. 

While they are not the only ones in the game, they are the ones to coordinate everything. This means they have to be knowledgeable in a wide range of areas, and they are the ones that have to clean everyone’s mess. 

Considering the sheer complexity of their job and the effort it takes to become successful in this industry, we thought it would be interesting to learn the main traits that make for a great real estate agent directory. To no surprise, it takes courage and determination, but there are a few others to complete the mix.

Therefore, here are the main personal and professional traits that make a great realtor:

They Like Their Job

It’s easy to see if a person is truly passionate about their job! True, they won’t always be over the moon about it (after all, every job has its negative parts), but you can see they care about how they treat their customers and put a lot of thought into choosing the properties they show.

Moreover, a great agent should have a solid real estate education, so you can tell they didn’t just land on this position because their main thing fell through. An agent who invested time and money in their preparedness has the right motivation to become an amazing realtor!

They are Friendly & Sociable

A realtor must know how to communicate with prospects, customers, sellers, accountants, bank representatives, and more. Therefore, a huge part of their success is due to their friendly and reliable nature. 

Moreover, someone who is sociable will be able to build a strong network that will include representatives from all industries. This will prove incredibly useful along the road when the need strikes and they will have a trustworthy person to reach out to. 

Just like a high-end CEO, a well-developed realtor understands the power of networking and doesn’t shy away from creating new contacts.

Perseverance & Organization

These two traits somewhat clash with the image of a friendly, laid-back professional. However, no one wants a flaky individual taking care of one of the most important transactions of their life! 

Real estate agents must know how to persevere in their efforts without looking threatening or impatient. Moreover, with each new contract, real estate agents have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. First, when selling and buying properties, the amount of money involved can be overwhelming. Second, once the deal takes contour and both the buyer and the seller agree, there are lots of tiny details that need to be thoroughly investigated and discussed.

Therefore, realtors must be extremely well-organized in order to make sure they don’t miss important details that may later affect the deal. 

Honesty & Reliability

Lastly, we found that honesty is one of the traits that most successful real estate brokers have. These professionals are able to tell you straight to the face if a deal is good/bad, if the price you’re asking is too high/low, or if they feel something is off with the buyer. 

However, in order for honesty to work, the person must be reliable and trustworthy. This trait is built in time, with each new customer and contract signed. In real estate, word of mouth is a powerful driver, and professionals can’t afford to have their reputation damaged by a bad decision. Therefore, if someone comes highly recommended by people you trust, you can be sure your property is in good hands. 

They are a Natural Negotiator

You want a real estate agent who can sell your property at the best price. Similarly, when you buy or rent property, you want someone who can get you the lowest price, with the most benefits. And, to get all these, you need someone who has the art of negotiation in their blood.

Of course, they would need to have experience in negotiating, since this is a skill that requires a lot of practice. However, most successful realtors are good negotiators since it is a skill crucial for the job.  

Still, as a customer, you have to pay attention when dealing with a stellar realtor. After all, they have some skin in the game as well (the commission). So, with a skilled negotiator, you may find yourself happily agreeing to a bigger commission. But, if they are also honest and reliable, they should offer equal compensation with the effort they put in finding the ideal property for your needs. 

A Problem-Solving Mindset

When dealing with something as valuable as properties and houses, there is no doubt there will be misunderstandings, problems, and sometimes even accidents. Therefore, it is the job of a real estate agent to deal with all these issues and present useful solutions, to help their clients overcome such difficult moments. 

In fact, a well-rounded agent is also crafty and has a few tricks up their sleeves to make the property more attractive and desirable to the right buyer. 

Attention to Detail

A realtor must have an eye for detail in order to create the best atmosphere during open houses and to attract customers to their listings (whether they use online platforms or standard promotion methods). 

Moreover, this attention to detail is the skill that allows real estate agents to work with all sorts of documents, keep up with trends, and make sure all their customers’ needs are being fulfilled. 

Wrap Up

In summary, it takes a determined, organized, and reliable person who is organized and knows how to build a solid network to make a successful realtor. It may look a bit much, but the job has its rewards and those who do it with passion are happy to be met with a new challenge.  

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