What are the Best Ways for Shark Fans in Charlotte to Enjoy these Majestic Creatures?


Sharks are often cited among the most popular animals in the world, with many people having a fascination for these age-old sea dwellers. Charlotte may not be the best place to live if you want to experience sharks, but it’s certainly not the worst.

Along with modern entertainment options like Slingo Shark Week, there are also a couple of prime spots to witness these predators in real life.

Slingo Shark Week is an Innovative New Way to Enjoy Sharks

There are plenty of ways to enjoy sharks from the comfort of your own home in Charlotte. Shark Week is a particularly enjoyable television event on the Discovery Channel, which has now been immortalized in the top online bingo site offering, Slingo Shark Week. This is a themed game with the predatory sea creature at its core, but its other unique selling point is the fact that it combines bingo and slots. Players can get a shark fix all year round from this game, whereas the televised Shark Week only occurs for one week in every year.

If you’re someone who’s unsure whether you love sharks or not, playing games like Slingo Shark Week can be a good way to get an introduction to them. You can then explore some of the documentaries available on various streaming services online. A few of the best options include Mission Blue and Shark Water: Extinction.

Sea Life is a Great Spot for Viewing Sharks

Residents of Charlotte and Concord are lucky to have an amazing place to see sharks in the flesh, in a place that makes for an excellent day out. Sea Life Charlotte-Concord is home to North Carolina’s only ocean tunnel, along with various other cool features to keep visitors busy for the duration of their visit. There are different prices depending on what you want to do and when you want to go, with a portion of the profits going towards the conservation of endangered ocean species.

There are a few different shark types for you to check out when you visit Sea Life, with black tip, blue, and shortfin mako sharks all on display in the vast pools. Due to overfishing in the oceans, state-of-the-art aquariums like this could be the safest place for some varieties of sharks, as certain populations have decreased by up to 90 percent in the last 30 years.

Sharks Sometimes Spotted on North Carolina Coastline

It’s only a few hours’ drive to the coastline from Charlotte, and the sea off North Carolina is home to numerous species of shark. Indeed, earlier this year, a whopping great white shark was spotted just three miles away from Pea Island. The most common sharks found in the waters around here, though, are Atlantic sharpnose sharks, which reach around four feet in length.

You could take your binoculars and try to view shark families from the beach. The other option would be to go out scuba diving with one of the various companies in the region. The state has been voted as the number one wreck diving destination in the past, and there are plenty of dive schools for you to choose from.

It’s clear that it’s easy to be a shark fan and reside in Charlotte. The ocean may be a six-hour car journey, but that’s not too bad for dedicated shark lovers who want to swim with them. Alternatively, there are shark options in entertainment, along with the excellent Sea Life aquarium.