What Are The Best Colors for V-Neck Shirts For Men?


Nowadays, V-neck shirts have a troubled reputation. Due to a huge trend in the 2000s where men wore comically deep v-neck shirts in vibrant neon colors, most people are hesitant to wear V-necks nowadays.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with the V-neck shirt. In fact, it can be a very comfortable and flattering shirt if you wear it correctly.

And when buying a v-neck, one of the most important considerations (aside from the fit) is the colors. It’s important to choose the right colors when buying a v-neck. That way, you can ensure that you always look stylish and in vogue when wearing the shirt.

Today, we’re discussing whether or not V-necks are still viable clothing options for men and what colors you should go for when buying one of these shirts.

And by the end of this piece, you’ll know exactly what you have to do to perfectly style your v-neck for any situation.

Read on to learn more.

Are V-Necks Still Good Clothing Options for Men?

Don’t be fooled by what the fashion articles have to say. As long as you wear your v-neck properly, they are still great clothing options for men. They shape your body really well, and when you get the right colors, they can go with just about any type of outfit.

So, if you’re wondering if a v-neck is still a good clothing option for you, rest assured that it can be if you know how to style yourself. When buying a v-neck, one of the ways to ensure that it will be stylish is to get the right fit.

And once you find the right size for yourself, the next consideration is color. But don’t worry; we’ll get into more detail on that in the next section.

What Colors Should You Get for V-Neck Shirts?

If you head to your local clothing store or online clothing shops, you’ll notice that v-necks come in many colors. But to stay on the safe and stylish side, we recommend getting v-necks in neutral colors.

Not only will these be easier to style, but they are way more fashionable than vibrant v-necks, especially with modern fashion trends. So, here are some colors you should seriously consider when buying a v-neck.


You can never go wrong with a plain and simple white v-neck t-shirt. You can wear these shirts on their own with a nice pair of jeans, or you can layer them with a flannel or a blazer to add depth to your outfit. You can’t go wrong with a white garment whenever you buy clothing, so if you aren’t sure what color to get, white is a great starting point.


If you’re looking for a darker aesthetic, grey is a great color for v-necks. Grey goes with many other colors and looks good on a v-neck. However, you might notice many grey shades when you’re clothing shopping, so make sure you find options that fit your skin tone and ideal color palette.

Baby Blue

For a lighter option, we recommend baby blue. This is another very versatile color that translates really well on a v-neck. These shirts pair great with brown and earth-toned clothing, so if you have a lot of these colors in your wardrobe, a baby blue v-neck is a great pick.


If neither of the colors above is your style, you can always opt for a black v-neck. This option is very subdued and will go well with any other piece in your closet. On top of that, darker clothing can be very slimming, making it a great option for larger people.


If you’re buying a v-neck for yourself, you can’t go wrong with these colors. So, all that’s left for you to do is head to your favorite clothing store and stock up on these versatile, comfortable, and fashionable pieces!