What are IP Addresses and How to Track Them?


Internet protocol (IP) address is a number that is used to identify a device that is on a computer network. An IP address can be static, meaning it does not change, or dynamic, which changes at intervals. Find out more about IP addresses and how you can use them to track devices by following the content in this article.

The IP address of a device contains the location information that allows the device to communicate. IP addresses offer this potential and are an important part of how the Internet works at large.

What is an IP Address ?

IP stands for “Internet Protocol” and is a type of address that is used on the internet to identify and locate computer-based devices. The purpose of IP addresses is to allow computers on the network to send data back and forth to each other effectively.One of the ways an IP address can be used is for tracking a user’s physical location. It can also be used to track a user’s entire browser history. So, it is important to learn how to hide your IP address if you want to improve internet safety. 

How to Hide Your IP Address

Let’s take a look at three ways you can hide your IP address in case you don’t want anyone tracking your digital footprint and physical location. Each of the ways offers you a unique combination of privacy, security, and utility.

Consider Using a VPN

A VPN is an intermediary server that scrambles your association to the World Wide Web and covers up your IP address. VPN acts as a proxy covering all online activities not just within the browser but in other apps. Your messages will still be sent across the internet but your IP address will be safe.

Consider Tor Browser

Consisting of thousands of volunteer server hubs, the Tor browser is an open-source browser that stows away identities online utilizing numerous layers of encryption. Once you get to Tor through a free Tor browser, your online activity is steered and scrambled through a set of three hand-off hubs.

Consider Using Proxy

Proxy servers handle Internet traffic on your behalf all the time. A proxy is placed in front of the client or client’s network to forward the request and receive and deliver the response from the server. If you use a proxy, you may need to manually adjust the proxy settings on your device, which is a very easy thing to do. You can always locate proxy settings in your network settings section.

How to Locate IP Address 

The easiest way to track an IP address is to use a tool that can find the IP address by searching through the database of IP addresses. These tools are all online, and they only require the user to type in their domain name or web address to find out who their ISP is, what city they are in, the country, time zone, gateway, and more.

Ipcost has made things easier, you don’t need to go about typing commands in command prompt to run commands. You can track an IP address on IPcost simply by following these steps; find an IP address and the homepage, then paste the address and press enter. You can also just type what is my IP to get quick results.