Well-Known Charlotte Doctor Surrenders Medical License After Sexual Harassment Claims

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A well-known eye doctor in Charlotte has just surrendered his medical license after multiple sexual harassment lawsuits.

Dr. Jonathan Christenbury is facing at least 3 separate lawsuits, represented by attorney Meg Maloney.

Maloney told NBC Charlotte that “the doctor would intentionally hire young, beautiful women,” and engage in “unwanted physical contact…too racy for TV.”

The lawsuits were filed earlier this year and include allegations stretching back to 2015.

In addition to the recent lawsuits, Dr. Christenbury was issued an official disciplinary action from the NC Medical Board in 2012 after he was found guilty of having “a personal relationship with a patient of his practice. The patient received medical treatment performed by a PA.” He was fined $3,000 and conditions were placed on his license for the offense.

Due to the resignation of his medical license, his hearing with the NC medical board, scheduled for mid-December, has been canceled, but the civil lawsuits against him will continue moving forward.