Weddington Women Just Won A National Cooking Championship Using Spam


national-spam-championshipLocal Weddington resident, Laurie Robertson, has just won a national cooking championship for her ‘Spam’-focused recipe…yes that Spam.

Her now famous recipe, ‘Hawaiian Spam Crackle’, initially won first place at the NC State fair this past summer, which put Laurie in the runnings at the ‘Great American Spam Championships’ at the Minnesota State Fair

She ended up beating the other top recipes of the country – even beating dishes called; Spam ice cream, Spam parfaits, and Spam turnovers.

Laurie’s grand prize includes a five-day trip to Hawaii, where her dish will be sold at the Waikiki Spam Jam Festival on April 29.

Her winning ‘Hawaiian Spam Crackle’ recipe includes melted butter and brown sugar, saltine crackers, coconut, macadamia nuts, and plenty of shredded hot and spicy Spam.

Laurie now wants to enroll in cooking school to become a caterer.