Ways To Get Extra Power For Your Business In The UK


Are you frustrated with the expensive utility bills and want to decrease those badly but still need the power to effectively run your business? Well, you are not alone in this. Many people try to cut their home utility bills but still need a lot of power for the businesses. 

However, there are some ways through which you can get extra power for your business without having to suffer from sky-high utility bills every month. What ways could be that? A simpler method is to compare business electricity rates and get yourself a better deal. However, if that’s not the solution for you as you really need the power for your business, there are other things you can do as well. 

In this article, we will be looking at a few of the best strategies that you can use to get extra power for your business without increasing your reliance on utility companies or paying a lot of money for it. Let’s take a look at some of these tips below. 

6 Tips For Getting Extra Power For Your Business

The following are six tips that you can use to get extra power for your business and save on utility bills:

  1. Conduct a thorough audit of your energy usage. 

Before you start looking into ways to get more power, it’s important to first understand how much energy you currently use. This will allow you to come up with an accurate strategy and determine what you can do to save on energy. The reasoning behind this is that you need to first keep track of your current usage to know what changes are required for improvement.

How to Do it: You can use tools like energy monitors and smart plugs to keep track of your energy usage. Another option is to simply monitor your electricity bills closely and look for spikes in energy usage that might point to an inefficient design or equipment, such as old appliances or air conditioners. 

  1. Install a solar panel system in your business premises. 

Another effective way to get extra power for your business is to install a solar panel system on the roof of your building. This will not only help you save on energy costs but also earn from selling any excess power generated by the panels back to the utility companies.

How to Do it: You can consult with an experienced solar installation company who will be able to advise you on how much power you need, what type of panels and equipment is required, and how much it would cost for a complete installation. 

  1. Switch to more efficient lighting fixtures and appliances in your business premises. 

Another way to manage your electricity usage effectively is by replacing old electrical appliances or light bulbs with newer, more energy-efficient models that use less power while still offering similar levels of performance.

How to Do it: Research various types of lighting and electrical equipment available on the market, including LED lights and low-energy appliances. You can also look into using energy management software or smart devices that control your electricity usage automatically. 

  1. Use energy-efficient design and layout for your business premises. 

You can also use the design and layout of your building to optimize energy efficiency, such as by installing natural light sources in certain areas where possible or using automated shutters to prevent heat loss during winter.

How to Do it: Evaluate how efficient your current building is and look for ways to improve its design and functionality based on factors like heat loss, ventilation, lighting, etc. This might involve hiring an architect or consulting with an expert in this area who will be able to suggest changes that are practical while minimizing any potential drawbacks. 

  1. Use ‘green’ alternatives whenever possible in your business operations. 

One way to get more power for your business without relying too much on utility companies is to use more environmentally-friendly means whenever possible. For example, you can switch to electric vehicles or reusable water bottles instead of conventional fossil fuels and plastic bottles.

How to Do it: Take a close look at the products that your business uses on a daily basis, from supplies and equipment, to packaging and marketing materials. Identify areas where you could potentially make small changes without compromising efficiency or quality, such as by using recycled paper for printing rather than virgin stock. 

  1. Participate in energy reduction programs initiated by your local utility companies. 

Another effective way to get extra power for your business is by participating in energy reduction programs offered by your local utility company. These might include incentives for switching over to cleaner energy sources, such as installing a solar panel system or using more efficient lighting and appliances.

How to Do it: Contact your local utility company and find out if they offer any programs or incentives to help businesses manage energy usage effectively. You may also want to contact an experienced energy consultant who can help you navigate the various options available and determine which approach is right for your business. 


In summary, there are many different ways that you can get extra power for your business by managing your energy usage more effectively. These include installing solar panels on your roof, using more energy-efficient lighting and appliances, using green alternatives whenever possible, and participating in energy reduction programs offered by your utility company. By implementing these strategies, you can take control of your energy usage and reduce your dependence on utility companies, while making a positive impact on the environment.

Overall, there are many ways that you can get extra power for your business in order to reduce your reliance on external sources like utility companies. Whether you use tools like smart plugs and monitors, or modify your building design and layout, you should be able to find effective strategies that work well for both your needs and budget.