Watch Series Properly: This Is How Series Junkies Become Better Students


The main reason why streaming offers such as Netflix, Amazon, and Co. prevail over conventional television programs is obvious: high-quality, modern productions that are available at all times. Media libraries or pay channels work in a similar way.

This has a great advantage: we can decide for ourselves what we want to see and when – and how much. But the greatest danger that this construction entails is hidden in this postscript. Because we humans are not very good at setting and ultimately sticking to an appropriate quota of stimulus-triggering consumer goods. That means: that once we’ve started a series and the episode starts, we switch off and set all control functions to swipe.

For now, that’s not bad; After all, series should entertain and stimulate our minds. This mechanism only has a negative effect when the episode is over and we move on to the next episode without thinking. And to the next. And so forth.

So you can actually waste your time by watching uncontrolled, mindless series. But there is a way out – and all you have to do is modify the way you watch your series. I have a few suggestions for that.

Watch Series And Get Better At Your Studies – That’s How It Works!

If you increase your awareness of your favorite hobby and approach your series a little more strategically, you can get more out of your time than just funny small talk knowledge. With a few tricks you can even become a better student – like this:

You Train Your Memory

The episodes of your series usually build on each other. That’s why the latest episode is usually introduced with a short what-happened-so far teaser. This clip is intended to pick up the viewer and take him straight back into the story. Regardless of this reminder, before watching the series, you should try to remind yourself of the last episode. In this way, you train your memory and you will subconsciously remember much more information during the next few minutes. Your trained memory skills will pay off at the latest before the next exam.

Action: Recall the most important actions of the last episode of your series and train your memory!

You Train Your Language Skills

Series are ideal for learning a foreign language or improving existing vocabulary. All you have to do is switch from the pleasant English dubbing to another language and watch your series in German, French, or Chinese. Most streaming services often offer a version in the original sound in addition to the German soundtrack. Use this option and improve your foreign language skills.

Action: Watch your series in another language!

You Improve Your Relationship

Watching series together can improve the relationship with your partner and strengthen the group feeling. This is the result of a scientific study. Researchers at the University of Aberdeen have found that people who watch series with their partner are happier in their relationship. The students surveyed, who regularly consume media with their partner, report that they are very satisfied with their relationship. And: significantly happier than those who shared neither a social nor a media environment. What does this mean for your studies? Happy relationship = less private stress = more energy for studying.

Action: Watch a series together with your partner or friends. A ritual together strengthens your sense of community and improves the relationship!

You Develop Your Own Reward System

For some tasks in your studies, the best chances of success are not enough to give you a motivating start to allow. What you then need are concrete incentive systems that trigger an initial spark in you: You need a reward; a reward to look forward to and work toward. And this is where your series comes into play. It’s your reward for a chapter you’ve read, a task you’ve completed, or whatever. It’s kind of like the donkey and the carrot: once you have a (seemingly) tangible goal in mind, you’ll do whatever it takes to reach your symbolic lure. A reward inspires you and helps you to complete your tasks in a result-oriented manner: You put in extra shifts and give that one crucial percent more. First the work, then your series.

Measure: Use your streak as a reward and only treat yourself to an episode if you have previously achieved something worthwhile!

You Train Your Self-Discipline

At the beginning of this article, we learned how poorly people are able to control themselves when it comes to stimulus-eliciting systems. Due to this weak point, we watch several episodes in a row ( binge-watching ) or gobble up an entire season straight away ( binge racing ). The mere fact that these phenomena have their own names speaks for itself. However, streaks can help you work on exactly that weakness. To do this, realize that you are prone to streaks and occasionally lack control of your impulses. Spend time in front of your monitor or TV more consciously and fight the urge to “see more and more”.

Measure: Work on your self-discipline and interrupt your series viewing after each individual episode with a short other action!

You Install New Habits (Around Your Series)

Habits follow a fixed pattern and you can change them. It’s work, but not a big deal in and of itself. Especially not if you make it easy for yourself and include your series: Link new habits to your old patterns of behavior (watching series) and install new routines in your everyday life – quite incidentally. For example, make a habit of reading a textbook for five minutes before starting a new episode, or make a habit of learning important definitions for 10 minutes immediately after an episode. In this way, you combine the useful with the beautiful.

Action: Identify a new meaningful habit and link it directly to your streak! Do your new routine for at least 30 days and start today!

You Can Switch Off

Studying is exhausting. And the mental stress doesn’t stop outside of the lecture hall and away from your desk: Your thoughts about the subject matter, nervousness about the upcoming exams, and various fears about the future haunt you. It is therefore important that you can switch it off completely every now and then in your everyday life. 

If your favorite series helps you to do just that, then it serves its purpose and is valuable to you. Many students underestimate the importance of breaks and the importance of mentally balancing out their daily commitments. Therefore, consider your series time as well-deserved regeneration units – and enjoy them. Some students combine watching series with something useful like using professional assignments services by reaching out to them with “Write my paper for me cheap!”

Action: Shut down while your series is on and mentally recover from your studies!


What’s the difference between a serial junkie and a successful student?

There is none – but only if you consciously integrate your series into your everyday life and use them wisely. Watching a series is no ordinary hobby: it has the potential to slow you down and become addictive, but it can also strengthen you and develop your skills.

In principle, your next series marathon does not have to be negative. Just follow the tips in this article or find other ways to cleverly combine or modify your series.

Then you turn a time-wasting hobby into one of the most valuable pastimes there is.