Waffle House Now Serving Waffles Out Of Their First Official Food Truck


Food Trucks have become all the rage over the past few years, with empty lots turning into food truck festivals, breweries using food trucks as their restaurants, and some people driving clear across town to buy their lunch from the back of a truck.

While most food trucks are new start-ups, some established brands have now started to jump on the trend – the latest being the southeast’s most popular scattered, covered, and smothered hashbrown diner – The Waffle House.

“Our newest and most popular addition to Waffle House is our FOOD TRUCK! Used for private events only, the Food Truck brings our unique experience right to YOU!! We can pull up and cook your desired menu choices for you and your guests,” their website notes.

They first announced their new food truck back in June;

They’re even now catering weddings;

According to the company’s website, the food truck costs;

β€’ $90.00 rental fee (one time payment)
β€’ $50.00 per hour based on mileage to and from event location and the duration of the event,
including set up time
β€’ Additional 10% (optional) for paper products which include: dinnerware, flatware, cups and

β€’ Per person cost is based on your chosen menu options and the quantity
β€’ Availability is subject to openings on the Catering Event Calendar; it’s best to book your event
as soon as your date is confirmed
β€’ 50% deposit is required in advance for events totaling $1000.00 or more
β€’ Certain event locations will require site visits to ensure a safe and proper parking placement
β€’ Dimensions: 22’l x 12’h x 9’w

Are you excited about the new Waffle House food truck?