Visualizing Charlotte & Nationwide Rent Growth, 2018-2022

A new data tool from Apartment List tells the story of how the rental market transformed from stable growth before the pandemic to wild, divergent swings after. Rents in some cities cratered in 2020, while rents in other cities soared. A year later, rent inflation gripped the whole country in 2021, but is subsiding today.
This tool was designed by the Apartment List Research Team, which has been tracking rent prices for more than half a decade. Visualizing five years of market data across 100 U.S. cities, it shows how Charlotte fits into the broader national picture. Below is total annual rent growth over the last five years:
  • 2018: +3% in Charlotte, +3% nationwide
  • 2019: +2% in Charlotte, +2% nationwide
  • 2020: -1% in Charlotte, -1% nationwide
  • 2021: +20% in Charlotte, +18% nationwide
  • 2022: +6% in Charlotte, +4% nationwide