Virtual Showrooms Allow You to Get Behind the Wheel of Your Favorite Car


The thought of visiting the dealership can be enough to discourage you from leaving your home. The traditional car-buying process is unpleasant and overwhelming. You may spend many hours negotiating with tough salespeople only to end up going home empty-handed. 

If you’ve never visited a dealership before, you may find the entire process very daunting. A 2019 Cox Automotive study revealed that the car-buying process hasn’t gotten any better. Most people say that their most recent car buying experience wasn’t better than their last one. Virtual reality can be the game-changer.

Virtual Reality Car Showrooms Are Here to Stay  

Did you know you can get behind the wheel of a showroom automotive without having to leave your couch? This online process is more convenient, immersive, and cooler. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality now allow car buyers to step inside vehicles and see the specifications and features in a realistic way. And all you need is an everyday device like a smartphone or a tablet.

So, if you’ve been wondering how the new Tesla or Porsche looks like, visit a virtual reality car showroom. You can check out the car and even customize it within seconds. You can see its interior, detailed features, change the paint colors, and even compare it to another model side by side.

You can view the car at different angles, get in the driver’s seat, and even take it for a spin. Afterwards, you simply go to the dealership when you’re ready to buy the car–or simply buy it online.

People Want to Buy Cars Online More

The coronavirus pandemic has increased a desire that was already there–viewing and buying cars online. People buy everything online these days—from groceries to jewelry. Why not cars?

In a recent survey, 18% of people said they’d buy a car quicker if they could do it online. And there’s another growing demand–home delivery of cars. Consumers have become accustomed to a world of online purchases. 

But for most car dealerships, this is a tough hurdle to overcome. Most love transacting offline. Their websites are simply a platform for gathering leads and prospects–the main goal is to send visitors to the showroom.

Switching to an online model is tough, and it won’t happen overnight. But the rewards will be enormous. Auto dealers who make the shift now will win big and gain a competitive advantage.

Is This the End of Traditional Dealerships?

Yes, virtual showrooms may mark the end of traditional car dealerships. The numbers say it all. A survey of 11,000 car buyers showed 64% prefer to buy cars online–from researching the model to paying for it. 12% of millennials, who comprise 40% of new car buyers, simply visit the dealership for research.

Virtual reality creates flexible showrooms for numerous car models. Dealerships will soon be all about experiences offered by a VR headset. Sure, we’ll still buy cars, but the buying experience will never be the same.