Video of York County Family Playing In Flooded Storm Drain Going Viral


A York County resident recently spotted a bizarre sight during Tuesday’s rainstorm – a young family playing in a flooded storm drain in a BiLo parking lot.

“I was driving down the road and happen to look over and see them frolicking in the water. So I had to pull in and see what was going on,” Krysten Jones told me.

After uploading the video to her Facebook page, it quickly spread across the internet. It has over 4,500 shares, 1,000 comments, and it’s already been viewed over 380,000 times;


The video was taken in the parking lot of the Bilo on Liberty Street in York, SC;

York County Public Health official noted that flooded areas after a heavy rainfall could contain high levels of bacteria, often coming from animal feces, as well as unknown chemicals and sharp objects submerged in the water – all residents should stay away from flooded areas.

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