Video of Man Pulling 6′ Long Snake Out Of North Carolina Toilet Now Going Viral


Mike Greene from Lattimore, NC (about 45 miles west of Charlotte) is now an internet sensation after pulling a massive snake out of the toilet of a North Carolina home.

After posting the video to his Facebook page, LAD Bible (with over 28 million Facebook followers) shared the video on their page.

They uploaded it late last night and it began to spread like wildfire – it’s now been viewed over 23 million times and shared over 80,000 times (WARNING: if you’re scared of snakes, this might give you nightmares):

According to Mike, this ‘harmless’ wild black rat snake came down the vent pipe looking for water, and he mentioned that it was the 6th one he has pulled out of the same exact toilet in 4 years:

Some people thought that the best solution was to install a pipe screen over the roof vent:

Others thought that more drastic measures should be taken…like burning the house down:

Snake sightings are becoming an increasingly common sight around North Carolina. As development increases and snakes’ natural habitate is detroyed, they’re starting to find new homes around residential houses, especially in crawlspaces.

To avoid any toilet snakes of your own, the easiest solution is to install a simple screen over your roof vents, but if you’re really scared of snakes, you could also put snake traps all around your property.

What would you do if you saw one of these in your toilet?