Video Of What Could Be The Largest Alligator Ever Seen Now Going Viral


People are going crazy on social media over a potentially record-breaking alligator captured on film this past weekend by Kim Joiner in Polk County, Florida.

It took over half-a-minute for the monster gator to cross what appears to be an 8- to 10-foot-wide path. In the background, several other people are watching, stunned, with cameras in hand.

Experts estimate this gator to be over 15 feet in length:

According to the fish and wildlife conservation commission, alligators very rarely grow to be longer than 10 feet. The largest alligator ever captured in the state was just over 14 feet long.

A few moths ago, in June of 2016, another monster gator was filmed on a golf course in Palmetto, Florida. It was also estimated to be at least 15 feet in length.

Do you think gators are getting bigger?