Video of Adorable Charlotte Woman’s “Fat n’ Sassy” Remark Now Going Viral


This past Wednesday, Charlotte saw the biggest January 17th snowfall in history. According to Meteorologist Brad Panovich, we saw a total of 3.5″ yesterday, breaking the previous January 17th record of 1.4″ in 2008.

Charlotte’s local CW News station hit the streets to see what residents thought about the snow, and what their plans were for the snow day. One lady’s response was simply priceless –

“We’ll probably sit around and cook some soups, and eat bread and deserts, then just get all fat and sassy…” she told the camera.

Yesterday someone uploaded the clip to Youtube. It was then shared on Reddit, where it quickly climbed to the top of the worldwide ‘Videos Sub‘.

The video clip has now been viewed over 500,000 times in less than a day.

Under the video, Youtube users had nothing but nice things to say about the interview;

“Well this is the best video on this website.”

“We all need a woman like this in our life.”

“I wanna hang out with that lady. She’s loving life.”

“Bless you’re heart, sounds like a perfect plan, put a smile on my face hahahaha.”

How was your Charlotte snow day – did you get all fat and sassy?