Vehicle Safety Inspections, Existing Traffic Laws To Help Lessen Traffic Fatalities In Charlotte

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 1,412 recorded deaths in the state in 2017. These fatalities resulted from  negligence in wearing a seat belt. Because of this, the city adopted the Vision Zero action plan to wipe out traffic deaths and injuries by 2030. Before the announcement, the city also implemented several changes to improve traffic safety. It includes installation of 56 traffic signals, construction of 71 miles of sidewalk, and addition of 3,424 street lights all over the city. Aside from these, there are other important vehicle safety inspections and new regulations that authorities from Charlotte must focus on reducing road fatalities in the city.
Inclusion of Rust In-Vehicle Safety Inspections
Charlotte’s licensed state inspectors strongly advise asking an independent mechanic to accompany buyers when checking out  new or used vehicles in automobile sales shop to be assured that they are getting their money’s worth. To have the peace of mind, buyers need to have the car lifted or slide under to get a good look at what is underneath. Buyers must also check all the doors, the hood, and the hinges of the trunk to see any visible signs of rust or damage. These inspection procedures can be tedious for any potential buyer. Fortunately, several car shops around Charlotte are going the extra mile to check the car’s underbody for rust and other issues to ensure the passenger’s safety, Asking for a  complete vehicle history report can also help determine the condition of the unit.
Monitor Vehicles Before Hitting the Road 
Aside from checking the underbody, there are several pointers to see if the car that will be purchased is still in running condition. First, buyers must always ask for a test drive to know if the car can still cruise down the road smoothly. This will also allow them to see if all the warning lights at the dashboard will turn on. It will also let them hear if there are clicking or tapping sounds present while running. In addition, those who are planning to buy a car must also check if there are any leaking fluids before leaving the lot.
Abiding School Bus Stop-Arm Laws
According to the state regulation, drivers approaching a school bus must stop and avoid any attempt to pass until the mechanical “stop” signal is no longer visible. If the vehicles are located the divided highways where they can spot a median lane, the traffic that is tailing behind the bus are the only ones that need to stop. This law can help in making sure that the kids will reach home safe and sound.
As long as necessary precautions are followed, we can minimize the risks of vehicular accidents. In addition, relearning all the existing road rules in North Carolina could help in preventing road accidents and reducing the number of casualties in the state.