Van Rams Police Cars During High-Speed Chase Down I-77 (Video)


curtis-luther-dalton-jr-police-chase-i77Police were involved in a high-speed chase down I-77 this afternoon. The were pursuing a man that was wanted in connection with a home invasion.

Officers began chasing the suspect on Debbie Lane in Iredell County, which soon moved onto I-77 where the suspect rammed squad cars and ultimately spun out of control.

WSOC’s Chopper 9 was able to capture this footage of the chase as it unfolded:

The driver of the white van was identified as as Curtis Luther Dalton Jr., AKA Bubba, according to the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies were looking for him in connection with a home invasion.

The white van initially escaped the police, but then was re-spotted on Debbie Lane. Police tried ramming him several times – at one point, the van even rammed back.

After several failed attempts, officers were finally able to put it into a spin. Several squad cars pulled up and officers quickly surrounded the van with guns drawn:

Dalton was then pulled out of his vehicle on onto the median where over a dozen officers restrained him.

We will update this article as new information comes in.