Useful Tips in Charlotte: A City for Students


Charlotte, North Carolina is a beautiful U.S. city. It has a significant draw from historic buildings to good southern cooking; there’s a lot to see and try.

The city is especially thrilling for college students. There’s plenty of colleges in the area. These include the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Queens University of Charlotte, the Charlotte Law School, and more! Here, we are going to introduce a few useful tips that will make your time in Charlotte something to remember.

Using Academic Resources

To start, let’s look at students’ studies. At the many colleges to choose in Charlotte, there are plenty of on-campus resources. These might include tutoring services, group study programs, and writing centers.

It’s also good to know that online resources are available as well. For example, if a student has to write a character analysis essay about a character in the assigned reading, they can look at online writing services. These services help to learn how to construct a piece as well as proofreading and editing.

Join a Club at University

There are plenty of clubs offered at the various universities in Charlotte. Whether individuals want to join a club for pure fun or something to bulk up their resume, there are plenty of options.

Aside from resume building, there is a significant reason to join extracurricular programs. Namely, it’s a great way to meet new people. These connections aren’t only an excellent way to make the college experience fun, but they can also build lifelong friendships.

You can also meet new friends by just introducing yourself. When sitting in a class or working in a group, don’t be afraid to be friendly. Going through college without making friends only allows you part of the full experience.

Get Out of Your Dorm and Explore

The first thing to do when getting settled into college is to explore the area. Initially, this means the campus itself. What are the best places to eat? How do you get from the dorms to the lecture halls your classes are in?

Eventually, you’ll know the campus like the back of your hand. However, sticking on campus can get old fast.

When in Charlotte, take the time to explore Charlotte. The city has a lot to offer! For an adrenaline rush, try visiting Carowinds theme park or the U.S. National Whitewater Center. If you want a calmer day, there are attractions such as botanical gardens and science centers.

All in all, there is plenty of draw in Charlotte for everyone. Students won’t see what Charlotte has to offer if they spend all their time in their dorm.

Schedule Your Time

Students in college often quickly find themselves overwhelmed by their work. A big part of this is that new college students struggle to adjust to the scheduling of college. Once in college, students don’t have as strict a class schedule. Also, they don’t have the effective control of parental figures.

So, it’s essential for college students to take the initiative and plan out their schedules. Instead of telling yourself that a project or studying can be done later, put time aside to do it early. Measures taken against procrastination will help prevent the stress of all-nighters to get work done.

Choose Classes Carefully

A significant positive of college is that students get to pick their schedules. That requires some critical planning.

When a student is planning classes, they’ll want to pick the right options. First, consider how many credit hours you’ll be able to take. For most freshman, it’s suggested to make right at or just over the recommended full credit load. That usually hovers around 12 to 15 credits or about 4 classes.

It’s also crucial to consider what classes the student is choosing. A mix of challenging and more comfortable classes is best. When a student takes several challenging levels at once, then they are likely to get burnt out quickly.


When the tips above are used, students’ experiences at a university are less stressful and more exciting. This can be an exhilarating period of life. Use this advice to make the most of it!