US Open Fat Bike Championship Coming To North Carolina


This coming weekend, the US Open Fat Bike Championship will be descending on Wrightsville Beach during an exciting weekend of pedal-pounding action.

“Fat bike beach racing in the one-mile oval format is an exciting sport for both athletes and spectators,” said Shawn Spencer, race chairman. “The number of entries, the fitness level of the athletes, and the crowd size on the beach has improved every year. In 2017, racers from seven states participated.”

The 4th annual US Open Fat Bike Beach Championship will be held March 16-18, 2018, in Wrightsville Beach, with activities and races based at host hotel Blockade Runner Beach Resort. There is no admission charge for spectators.

“Fat bike racing, especially in the elite division, requires incredible conditioning and stamina,” said Spencer. “We’re seeing CrossFit and triathletes use fat bikes as an alternative method to stay in shape. Pedaling for miles on a fat bike in soft sand at the beach is exuberantly painful.”

Here’s a video from last year’s fat bike championship at Wrightsville Beach;

For more information or to register to compete in this year’s championship click here.