Uptown Charlotte Nightclub’s Accusations of Racism Now Going Viral


One of Uptown Charlotte’s newest nightclubs is now in hot water after a post accusing them of racism went viral.

The post, which includes a video and picture, detailed the account of Ashley Ellis Sisco and eight of her friends who felt they were turned away from the Epicenter’s Kandy Bar due to their race.

Her post has already been shared over 71,000 times in less than 24 hours:

Several commentators on her post told of similar experiences, and pointed to the night club’s main promo video on Youtube, and the video’s seeming lack of racial diversity:

We’ve also discovered a few other instances of visitors who felt they were turned away due to their race on Yelp reviews posted before this past weekend’s events:

Read India H.‘s review of Kandy Bar on Yelp

Read M L.‘s review of Kandy Bar on Yelp

This morning Kandy Bar posted several more racially diverse images on their Twitter account:

And also Retweeted this former patron’s post:

Leslie has since gotten several dozen replies and has since posted this:

UPDATE 5:20pm: Kandy Bar Charlotte has just released this statement on their Facebook Page:

Have you ever visited the Kandy Bar?

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