Uptown Charlotte 4th in the Country for Residential Revival


The renaissance of the American downtown as a place to live has come in response to people’s changing attitudes and lifestyle preferences. Even as working from home enabled families to move to more-affordable suburbs or to less-expensive parts of the country, many people are heading back to city centers to take advantage of their unique economic and social opportunities.

Every major city around the county has been working towards revamping its urban core to house more residents, but few have done it better than Charlotte. In fact,Charlottes’ uptown area has had the 4th most impressive transformation of the decade, with no less than 13,000 new apartments built from 2013 to today.

That’s according to our most recent research of the fastest-growing downtown apartment markets in the 100 largest cities in the US.

Some key highlights that brought Charlotte’s city center to the top:

  • High-flying Charlotte increased its uptown apartment inventory by 57% over the past decade.
  • While office workers aren’t yet returning in droves, people still seem interested in living in downtown Charlotte, which has another 3,500 new apartments currently under construction.
  • Although the pandemic temporarily hampered the sector, with just 1,300 new units added in 2020, the decrease in activity was short lived, and last year over 2,200 new apartments were built in uptown Charlotte.
  • One compromise that downtown living usually entails is a lack of space at home, as apartments tend to be smaller in urban cores. But the city’s strong self storage sector can help renters comfortably make up for it. Charlotte has added more than 400K square feet of new storage space to its downtown area, representing 56% of its existing stock.

This revitalization of our urban cores can, in fact, have various ramifications, including easing the access to downtown living and supporting the comeback of the brick-and-mortar retailers that have struggled to regain foot traffic. Do you think your audience would be interested in discussing these topics?

You can check out our full ranking here.