Upcoming Developments In York County Add Up To Over 1,700 New Homes


York County is currently seeing one of the largest building booms in its history, as many around the growing Charlotte region continue to discover the lower cost of living and better schools in South Carolina.

The upcoming developments add up to over 1,700 new houses, townhomes, and apartments, in various stages of approval in York County.

The largest by far is Westport, a 842-home, 432-acre development planned to be built on Lake Wylie along SC 274.


The first phase of Westport, which will add 570 single-family homes to York County, was just approved by the county last week, it’s now expect to be finished by 2021. The second phase, which would include 272 units, still has to be approved.

Last week’s county commission meeting also approved several other projects, including:.

▪ Glynwood Forest – 124 townhome project in the Regent Park area.

▪ Allison Meadows – 71 single-family home development east of Handsmill Highway and south of Allison Creek Rd.

▪ The Ridge at Fort Mill – 38 single-family homes along Holbrook Rd. 

▪ Henry’s Glen phase 2 and 3 – 34 single-family homes near Lake Wylie west of Brandon Rd. 

▪ Baxter Village – 7 additional single-family homes on 3 empty acres. 

These other projects add up to another 274 approved residences, on top of the 570 approved for Westport’s first phase – and this was just one week’s meeting.

There are now approximately 750 additional units that are still waiting to approved in proposed developments across York County.

What do you think about all the new growth in York County?