Understanding About Window Replacement


Windows improve your home’s curb appeal, reduce drafts and allow natural light into the house. They are also known for energy efficiency. However, it is essential to be keen on how the windows are installed during window replacement or in a new building. Failure to install them correctly will hinder the window from functioning well and end up losing the benefits of your new windows.

The method of installing the new replacement windows should be a priority to the homeowners. The method you choose will also depend on the type and size of the window replacement unit you buy. Installing your window with the correct method can save you reinstallation costs or protect you from failure to function.

  • The Major Types Of Window Installation

As a homeowner, you can choose full-frame window installation or pocket installation. You can ask your home windows contractor to help you make the right choice. However, some factors like the age of your home, exterior materials, condition of the window frame, budget, and amount of time you have for replacement will influence your choice of the type of window installation. 

  • Full-Frame Window replacement

A full-frame installation involves a complete window replacement. The sill and exterior and interior trims are removed and replaced. After the window replacement, homeowners complete the project by applying paint to the walls. It is a bit costly to perform a full-frame window replacement because of additional materials like insulation and drip edge. 

  • Scenarios You Can Opt For Full-Frame Replacement
  • If Your Frames And Sills Are Rotting And Cannot Be Repaired

A window contractor will recommend you do a full replacement if the initial frames are too worn-out or invested by insects. This happens mostly in old homes that have not been taken care of for long. However, if your home is old but your window frame is in good shape, you can consider pocket installation. 

  • Your Home Is New Construction

New construction will have new windows and new frames. The whole window, together with the frames, is all installed at the same time. Full frame construction is the best choice for such a scenario because there is no existing frame. 

  • If A Different Company Installed The Old Windows

Choosing to do a full-frame installation when a different company is installing the windows ensures they get everything right. This includes the measurements. It also ensures that all parts are correctly installed with no deterioration. 

  • Pocket Installation

This method of window installation involves replacing the window in the existing frame. The replacement window is also called the insert window, and it is fitted into the current frame. The replacement windows cost for this is less and most homeowners opt for this type of replacing their old windows. It also needs less labor, which generally adds to low cost. 

  • When To Opt For Pocket Installation
  • When You Are Adding A Brick Exterior To Your Home

Exterior material is a significant factor when choosing a type of window installation. This is because some styles of finishing of your home are difficult to tamper with, like wire meshes that are difficult to cut. This makes it hard to do a full replacement type of window installation. 

Going ahead with this type of installation can damage the design of the exterior. While the full replacement style of window installation is choosy with exterior finishes, the pocket installation style can go with any installation. The window installer needs to put the new window in the existing frame. 

  • Low Budget

If you want to spend less on window installation, go for the pocket installation. They are pocket-friendly as well. This is because this type of installation does not require new materials like the full window replacement. Only the window is new. The contractor also does less work in the installation process, meaning the replacement windows cost for labor will below. 

  • Cheap To Maintain

This window installation method is easy to maintain. You only need to clean the window. This is so for vinyl windows. Wood windows need extra care and maintenance to keep the shine of the wood. You need to sand and repaint the window to maintain the stain.