The ‘Uber for Babysitting’ is Coming To Charlotte


Raleigh’s beloved app-based babysitting service recently announced its expansion to Charlotte.

The company is called ‘PlatinumSitters’, and it’s basically like a combination of Uber, HomeAway, and traditional babysitting.

Stephanie Keefer, who quit her full-time financial analyst career to become a stay-at-home-mom and entrepreneur initially launched her online babysitting company in Raleigh back in 2016;

Her company does comprehensive background checks and in-person interviews with new babysitters, then allows approved babysitters to set their preferences such as multiple kids, active kids, or transporting kids.

Families looking for a sitter simply log onto their app, enter their detailed request (how many kids, how long, location, etc), and they are instantly matched with the best possible sitter (parents can then review that sitter’s profile, ratings, and feedback before accepting them).

Parents are charged a flat rate of $14 for one child, and $2 more for each additional child.

If you’re a babysitter in Charlotte and you’d like to work for PlatinumSitters, you can now apply for their Charlotte positions on Zip Recruiter here.

If you’re a parent looking for a sitter, you can register on their website here to stay up to date on their progress in Charlotte.