Types of Employment Agency Toronto You Need to Know About


There is no doubt that the competition for jobs is increasing every day thanks to the growing population and the high number of graduates getting into the job market every day. Therefore, in this stiffly competitive market, you need services of an employment agency Toronto to assist you in finding the next position. There are many different types of employment agencies in Toronto that can find you in your next position.

The best one for you will rely on your work experience; whether you are an entry-level employee or a seasoned expert, your specialization, your flexibility and your geographical region. Your skills also play an essential role. Getting the right employment agency Toronto, means getting the right type of job you are looking for.


  • Traditional Employment Agency.


Traditional employment agencies Toronto assist people looking for jobs to find work, and also, they assist companies in finding the right candidates. Though things are changing, some agencies charge their candidates for the services rendered. So, before you sign any contract get clarification of any upfront needed and whether there will be a fee involved. 

Many Toronto recruitment agencies specialise in specific fields such as accounting, IT, sports, sales and marketing etc. It is, however, advisable to consider an employment agency Toronto that doesn’t charge any fee to its candidates. This is because there are big number of agencies that work on retainer basis with some employers to look for employees for them.


  • Contingency Employment Agency.


Here, the agency is paid if the company employs the job seeker. Some, asks for payments, so you need to ask who will pay any fee before you sign any contract with them. These types of employment agencies Toronto are used for low and middle-level jobs and usually send many resumes to potential employers. 

If you choose to use a contingency employment agency, you would also be competing with the other candidates who submitted their applications through job boards, other recruiters and HR departments.


  • Retained/Executive Search Firm.


The retained search firm is normally used for executive-level and senior positions employee searches to get the best applicant to fill a specific vacancy. These agencies usually contact candidates directly, and in most cases, these employees are not actively searching for jobs. In most cases, these employees are in another company, and the recruiters try to convince them to leave their current employer. In another language, they are called “head-hunters.”

The retained agencies go through the qualifications of the candidate before approaching them. They also forward these qualifications to their employer for approval since the company need a highly qualified candidate to be employed.

The executive firms are paid expenses, and also a certain percentage of the salary of the employee notwithstanding whether he/she is employed or not.


  • Temporary Agency.


These agencies only look for job seekers who need temp jobs. For instance, temporary workers are most needed during the peak work seasons, and in case some employees are on leave. Temp agencies also are hired to look for experts for short-term assignments.

Many temp agencies Toronto have expanded their functions to include temp to perm positions where an employee is hired as a temp worker and is later hired as a perm employee if the employer is impressed by his/ her performance.

Temp recruitment agencies in Toronto may also place job applicants on retainer where whenever a temp job comes their way, they assign it to their candidates.

Temp agencies also offer employee benefits such as child care allowances, leave pay and health insurance. If the temporary job changes into to a perm job, then your relationship with the employment agency Toronto ceases and the payment responsibility is transferred to the employer.


  • Cautionary Tips.


Choosing an employment agency Toronto to help you get a job is a good thing. However, don’t be tempted to rely too much on recruitment agencies. Many companies nowadays depend on internal referrals from their own staff and also job boards.

Ensure that so establish good networking and get involved in online job boards and also consider direct applications through the target businesses websites. And if you decide to use employment agencies Toronto, don’t work exclusively with only one particular recruiter since each recruitment agency serves a specific number of employers.