Trucking Accidents: A Dangerous Reality Of The Road


Why Are Trucking Accidents So Common?

Regardless of the type of truck on the road, these large vehicles take up space. Navigating all kinds of traffic conditions in a heavy vehicle can be challenging. Coupled with long hours on the road for truckers and all the other modes of transportation on the road, accidents can happen. When they do, they can result in disastrous conditions. 

Trucks that have to travel long distances often spend numerous hours on the road. The stress of getting the job done on time, especially in traffic, can cause some drivers to either forgo adequate rest or try to drive faster than they should. 

Some well-documented causes of truck-related accidents also include: 

  • Operation failure of various aspects of the truck’s interior or exterior
  • Insufficient inspections
  • Inclement weather or unsafe roads 
  • Impairment from drugs or alcohol

In these situations, there could be a fault on the truck driver’s part or other drivers. Unfortunately, sometimes, situations are inevitable based on factors outside our control or trucking companies fail to follow proper safety regulations. 

The Dangerous Reality Of Trucking Accidents 

Trucks come in many shapes and sizes, from commercial trucks to 18-wheelers to pick-up trucks and many in between. These trucks weigh anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of pounds. 

Thousands of trucks span Canadian roads and highways every day, leading to many potential interactions with these dangerous vehicles. This makes it crucial for skilled, efficient, and well-trained truckers behind the wheels of these giant trucks, so the roads remain safe for everyone. 

How To Avoid Getting In A Trucking Accident 

Attention is paramount to avoid getting into an accident while operating a truck. It’s also essential if you’re on the road alongside trucks. It’s vital that your mirrors are clear and pointed in the right direction and you have adequate space to make turns and lane changes. 

Sufficient training is also necessary for truckers with the amount of skill needed to operate a big truck on the road. Health and safety precautions are also paramount to driver safety; truck drivers must take frequent rest breaks and get enough sleep, as tired drivers can get into accidents easily. 

It’s also essential for other drivers on the road to be cognizant of nearby trucks, trying not to get too close to the back of a truck when driving. If a truck seems to be swerving or their cargo doesn’t seem secure enough, drivers should try to get away from the truck safely when possible. 

What To Do If You Get In A Trucking Accident 

Keeping adequate documentation of everything that occurs after the accident is very important. You want the information of everyone involved and paper trails for any medical attention you require. If you are injured, be sure you are keeping documentation for every kind of medical appointment you need to attend. 

You should share copies of your documentation and an account of what occurred with a trusted injury lawyer. A lawyer who specializes in these types of accidents is ideal, as they will be able to help you overcome any hurdles in the way of seeking justice for yourself or a loved one. 

When you have trusted professionals on your side to help you face the physical, medical, mental, and legal aftermath of a trucking accident, you can focus better on the healing process. It doesn’t matter who is at fault regarding an accident; victims and their loved ones can suffer immensely without the proper support.